What about potable water?


Soylent as solution for the food crisis, why not. But what about the need to access potable water to make this work ? Access to potable water is a major issue in lots of countries facing food crisis. How does it solve it ? I can’t find any information about it on your website.


Well, theoretically Soylent could be mixed with any drinkable liquid. The product itself isn’t going to directly do anything for helping to provide those liquids, but having good food and little water is, at the least, better than having little food and little water. People have also made up some recipes using (DIY) Soylent in brownies, cookies, etc… so it is still capable of use in a fluid-scarce environment.

However, it’s also worth consideration that by definition, Soylent cuts food weight to the bare minimum – in the context of care packages, that could potentially free up more space to be used to ship water (which is somewhat heavy for shipping consideration).


There seems to be a popular misconception that Soylent, whether as a concept, product, or company, is a panacea that will solve the complex problem of global poverty; Let me assure you that there are no simple solutions to complex problems. Soylent will not stop political corruption and rent seeking. Soylent will not make communities and individuals self-sufficient. Soylent will not end war in the middle east, disarm nuclear stockpiles, and leave no child behind. What Soylent may do, if it ever becomes popularly adopted, is increase efficiency in the global economy through a process of creative destruction, which will have both positive and negative effects.


Do what Bear Grylls would do. Mix it with your urine, problem solved.


There are numerous other projects, plans, and ideas to help with the water issue that many face. Soylent is not one of them. However they are related. As we know Soylent may someday be sold below cost to help with hunger, however such aid would be useless without clean water, so perhaps soylent and one of the water-aid projects could team up.