What about Powdered oil?

Apparently, there is a technique where you can add tapioca powder to oils and they’ll be absorbed, forming a powder.

This would really help us DIYers who would like to be able to measure all ingredients beforehand as well as probably reducing packaging costs for the official Soylent in which the oils are currently separate.

I’m at work so I don’t have time to find links to this method, but I’ve verified it.


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Isn’t tapioca kind of like eating dirt?

No, it’s like eating powdered potatoes.


I imagine it would taste more like the oils that bind to it after it’s mixed.

Here’s a short blog post + video about this technique. From what she writes, the powder is stable for at least a month. Sounds interesting.

I wonder what tapioca maltodextrin is, chemically?


Wow, thanks!
Lmao at “bacon powder”.

I was told you need a ratio of 6:4 tapioca maltodextrin to olive oil, just to clarify.

It looks like the type of maltodextrin is not important.
Tapioca maltodextrin is used only because of its lack of flavor.


@rob have you considered this?

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I assume this would kill any keto versions of Soylent, no?

It absolutely would. I decided against that based on the last few days experience, though. I can’t focus at work, I’m cold, and I keep getting headaches.

This effect alone makes me doubt any benefit from a ketogenic diet.

You know that’s only temporary, right?

How temporary? I’m really doubting that I can bear it long enough. It’s making it hard to work or ride my bike.

Not to mention, if it were a more ‘natural’ or ‘beneficial’ state, wouldn’t my body respond more positively to it?

It’s a transitional state and yours seems to match the experience everyone goes through. Try upping your intake of electrolites. /r/keto has some pretty good tips on how to deal with the keto flu.

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Any maltodextrin/oil mix will do. Same ratio applies.


Coconut Milk Powder. 70g fat, 17g carbs, 11g protein per 100g. Coconut milk solids 94%, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate.

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This seems like a great way of supplying the oil. Does anyone know if this prevents oxidation of the oil in any way?

SUDDENLY @sanchez. Sounds a bit like Intelligence Core
"One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix."
“One can prepared coconut pecan frosting.”
“One and two third cups granulated sugar.”
“Two cups all purpose flour.”
“Don’t forget garnishes such as:”
“Fish shaped crackers.” “Fish shaped candies.”
“Fish shaped solid waste.” “Fish shaped dirt.”
“Fish shaped ethyl benzene.” “Pull and peel licorice.”
“Fish shaped volatile organic compounds and sediment shaped sediment.”
“Candy coated peanut butter pieces. Shaped like fish.”
“One cup lemon juice.”
“Alpha resins.”



No news on this topic?
we could use maltodextrin and olive oil to make powder. seal it in vacuum packed bags for storage.
it elves out the o2 problems, right?

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Just tried some coconut oil with Now foods carbo gain (corn maltodextrin). It’s kind of good/interesting by itself. Seems to mix in well with the rest of the powders in my recipe.

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I think Myarter has it right. You still may need to worry about oxidation issues with the oil. There also is the high bioavailablity of the sugars in maltodextrin to be worried about. However, in theory there is no reason why this couldn’t work.

It might work out well with oat powder, but when you’re in a situation with oils absorbed into powder like that, the exposed surface area of the oil is exponentially higher than sitting in a container, and so oxidization happens faster. Keeping it chilled and/or vacuum sealed would definitely help. If you mixed it in a CO2 chamber before sealing, you’d get optimal longevity. :stuck_out_tongue:


i think of more of a month or so of olive oil mixed in 30 bags(1 for every day) vacuum sealing it in aluminium bags (0.05$ a peace) and having it in a cold place
then taking out one bag of the oil+dextrose and the bag of the rest of the soylent on the day of mixing, or perhaps mixing it all in one bag.

wold that resolve the problem of oxidation of all the supplements?

100g of maltox with 60-100g of oil don’t seam so bad if you have other carbon sources, giving you a mix of fast and slow carbs probably with a low Glycogen Load

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  1. where can I get those aluminium bags this cheap?!!
  2. even if you mix the oil with e.g. corn meal it powders quite well. Why use maltodextrin if its more or less shugar with high GI?
    3)is oxidation really that fast and bad that even in a vacuum sealed bag the oil isnt safe? (folr two months lets say)