What about subscriptions for couples/families?


Not sure if this was definitely answered anywhere, if so I couldn’t find it.

What are those of us who are part of a couple or larger family unit, supposed to do to get a subscription that will fill our needs? For instance in my case, we’re going through one bag in about .75 days between two people. So even a 4 week subscription won’t cut it. We’ll definitely run out before we get resupplied.

I really want to sign up for my subscription but need to know how we’re supposed to handle this. Thanks!

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There is a way for customers to have multiple subscription plans but we’re still working out the best way to implement it. Should be able to accommodate your requests soon, @Trent @vanclute @tysoncrosbie.

Definitely going to be adding this info to our FAQ.


Still working on it, @vanclute. Will have an answer soon.

Will I run out of Official Soylent?

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LOL thanks gang, I was sure I’d seen something about that somewhere but couldn’t find it.


That is an excellent mastery of the ninja art. Well played.


I’m pretty excited about this, too. I dragged^ my husband into trying Soylent–or I will have dragged him into it, when we get it, anyway. :slight_smile:

Our month and a half order is really only 3 weeks’ worth, if we both like it and don’t do muggle meals very often. I’m glad the subscription issue is mostly worked out, and the couple/family subscription issue is on the table! Thanks, @JulioMiles!

^He wasn’t exactly kicking and screaming; he’s definitely food neutral and likes the idea of more complete nutrition at less cost than Subway, his current lunch of choice. For my part, I am so ready for our Soylent to get here! I keep waiting for the folks with 2-months-with-oil to say they got theirs, but even though they haven’t, I still look at my porch with disappointment every time I leave or return to my house.
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@web_kunoichi I am hoping my wife is as interested as your husband. We both need this. I gave her some DIY but she did not like it. Hopefully the Real Deal is palatable to her.

I would be happy with my starter kit at this point, let alone the actual product. No email, no pitcher, no scoop. Plus apparently I have to wait “several weeks” after that point to get the Soylent itself. I have been eating muggle food in the interim (ran out of DIY ingredients) but I am seriously considering going back on DIY until I get the real thing.


I also have no starter kit, no emails. But I’ve heard some people never got emails, and Backerkit’s already failed to email me once (when I increased my order), so I don’t expect any. That’s no big thing, really.


I signed up for a FedEx account so even if Rosa Labs does not email me, FedEx should any time they receive a package with my destination address.


Hey @JulioMiles, can we get an update on this “family plan” situation? We’re going to need to order another supply in the reasonably near future if the 2 week delivery time still holds, but I really don’t want to have to keep ordering 28 bags every couple weeks or so at the $300 price if I can help it. I would really like to be able to order more than 28 bags at a time, especially at a subscription price.

Additionally, what about occasional order increases? For instance right now we have an injured and bedridden family member who could seriously use some Soylent since she can’t really be up & about cooking for herself right now. I’d love to be able to place a larger order, but only for just a month or two while she heals. Is there a way to accommodate something like that?


@vanclute what if you placed a 28 day subscription and ordered more when you were going to run out? you’re not 100% Soylent right?


@JulioMiles I’m also curious about this. I ordered 4 weeks, but it’s for myself and my wife. If we like it after the first two weeks, we would like to be able to order another 4 weeks after two weeks, and perhaps have a subscription. Could we setup the subscription system similarly on the website? Such as “3 weeks every 4 weeks” or 6 weeks every 8 weeks" etc… so my wife and I don’t have to setup separate profiles? Thanks a bunch!


Right, we’re around 80% Soylent, and consuming around 1.5 bags per day. It’s just very hard to figure out what you need to order as extra and when, given the slight uncertainty of shipping time (1 to 2 weeks) and then also having the 28-day subscription. I really didn’t want to have to think about this sortof thing, hence a subscription is very appealing. But it would need to be much more customized. I’m afraid subscriptions may not really be a “one size fits most” kinda thing.


Let me work some math here real quick…


sweet thanks! Maths R Fun!


You could just get a 2 week (168) and a 4 week (365) and get 2 stand alone 1 month’s (56) a year. That would end up with 589 days of Soylent a year. To hit the 80% you need to have 584 days per year.

I’ve played around with the numbers and this will be the (currently) cheapest way to get Soylent.

That would be $5475 a year ($456.25 a month) for 80% Soylent with an excess of about 5 days per year.

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Wow that’s terrific! Thank you so much for calculating that! So the question is, can I get two subscriptions? Anyone know if that’s possible?


I bet @JulioMiles would be the best person to ask!


Actually wait a sec… maybe I’m confused on this, but wouldn’t a 2 week (14 bag) subscription come every 2 weeks, resulting in 1 bag per day just like the 28-day sub would result in 28 bags every 28 days? That just becomes 2 bags per day total, doesn’t it?