What are good carbohydrate sources


I’m looking to combine a third (or possibly forth) source of carbs into my soylent. So far, my blend uses a mixture of maltodextrin and oat flour. I like this combination, but I’m somewhat worried that one of those ingredients is causing my eczema to flare up.

Basically, I’m looking for something cheap and something that can be ingested raw (with soaking, if required). Extra points if it can easily be obtained at Tescos, but I’m okay with buying from an online vendor. As with the cheapness demand, I prefer oats to maltodextrin because oats have more in the way of nutrients (fibre, protein, etc.) and provide a more cost effective solution of the carb conundrum.

For instance, these people talk about using rice flour. There are other kinds of flour (wheat flour, for instance), but I’m unclear about what you might have used and what are your thoughts.


Waxy maize starch? Dextrose?
This post talks about a few.
I’d like to hear about some more, too.

I’ve seen a few recipes on the DIY site that use different types of sugar, like brown sugar or coconut sugar. Saw one that uses a low GI cane sugar. How good any of them really are for carbs, considering their GI, I don’t know.


I still want to experiment with sweet potato starch but apparently the actual nutrient data can’t be found.

It would circumvent the phytic acid problem and its still slower release.

Check out jeffreys real food analogue soylent for some other ideas, might be easier to go foodie on this one if you’re serious about ditching malto / oat .


A good source I have found is Palatinose, the trade name for a sugar called isomaltulose. Isomaltulose is completely digest, 50% as sweet as table sugar, dissolves completely in water, does not cause tooth decay, and has a remarkably low GI of 32. The only carb source I have found that is better is called trehalose. However, it is very expensive. Palatinose is not cheap compared to malto, but a low GI is very important for health. I had extensive contact with the German company that produces it- Beneo. You can go to their website.

I contacted them and found that 55 pounds (25 kg) costs $88.25 plus shipping, which to me in Austin, TX was $34. Quite cheap for 55lbs across the atlantic.

I know I sound like a salesman for the product. In reality though, I don’t even plan to use it in my final recipe. I have replaces it with trehalose and buckwheat flour. Unfortunately, trehalose is expensive and buckwheat flour would require cooking.


So can Palatinose be used instead of Oat flower?


I’m using precooked corn flour by the brand name Maseca. less than 3 bucks for 4.4 pounds at Walmart. GI of about 60. I like it.


Dear lord, that’s cheap. From myprotein, 5 kg costs £25. Assuming $100 to get shipped to the UK, that’s a really really good deal. Have you put in an order with them? 25kg is quite a lot, but assuming 5 kg/month, that’s 5 months worth.

There is some discussion here about cornmeal in soylent, and there are some worries about the grittyness. How do you find the texture?

Dextrose is about the same cost as maltodextrin, and I prefer the GI of maltodextrin, anyways. Waxy Maize starch looks to be way too cost prohibitive.

In this part of the world, Coconut Sugar looks to be way too expensive (about £10/kg). Brown sugar is possible, but surprisingly, I can’t find it for cheap (about £2.50/kg). For reference, oats are £0.75/kg for flakes and £2/kg for ground oats. Malto/dextrose are both about £2.45/kg.


Thanks for pointing out the post on the cornmeal. Like I mentioned, I’m using a pre-cooked corn flour. So the grittiness is there, but for me, it’s more than palpable. It reminds me of horchata (I also add a stick of cinnamon to soak overnight). Here’s my formula if you want to take a look:


It’s still a WIP because I’m waiting for some ingredients (reason for the multi-vit), but so far so good (only on day 2).


@ElCarnicero yes you could use it instead of oat flour. It is quite different though being a pure sugar (not a bad sugar though). And if your oat flour provides some if your micronutrients, you will of course not get them from Palatinose. Of course with a good multivite this shouldn’t be an issue.

@ThSGM No I chose not to order it and use trehalose instead. This was not due to any fault of the product or the customer service which is excellent, but rather a personal preference. If someone is planning on buying it I would definitely recommend contacting Beneo directly. In the US, we cannot get MyProtein products so there r three choices. Buy in small amounts for $9 per pound, buy in bulk from china (shudder), or contact Beneo.


OP, I’m in the UK and have some MyProtein Palatinose I no longer need (took all the carbs out of my recipe). Might be useful to you if you want to try a smaller quantitiy before ordering in bulk! Palatinose is a fairly decent carb source but personally I would recommend limiting daily intake to 50g, as there are potential concerns about the fact that it may fill your liver with fructose. It’s likely safe higher than 50g, but it’s a decent safety level, in my opinion. There’s a thread on the forum somewhere where we discussed it. It’s called something like “alternatives to maltodextrin”.

FWIW I don’t think there’s any difference between brown sugar and white other than the taste. Personally, I wouldn’t use either, even in my carb-containing recipes. Constant sugar intake is a fast-track to tooth decay, diabetes, etc.


Do you know search function? There are threads on this already, multiple, and also some with info on why you should not use Palatinose exclusively.


Also, everyone please remember that I did not recommend Palatinose exclusively. The OP said he was looking to add a third or even fourth carb source.


doesn’t this cause GI upset and other issues when you use more than 50g per day?


Any very low GI carb can. However, this primarily effects a minority of the population; I think about 15%.