What are my recommended daily calories and their breakdown?


Is this a good calculator for calories and macros?
or does anyone have something different?

What is a good % of calories from carbs, protein, and fat? 50/25/25?
Which way should I change those % for different things like lose weight or gain weight, or maybe some other reason?


Aim for at least 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight, and at least some fat (can’t have a fat-free diet). After that it doesn’t reallllllly matter. More fats than carbs may give you more stable long-term energy (less highs and lows).


Actually I’d also like to know what to tweak for weight loss/weight gain.
I’m a gainer so should I be increasing fat ratios? Or carbs or calories? So far my plan has just to bump all three and see what happens.


well, I found another calorie calculator:
similar to the first one I linked above, but a few more options and returns an extra result recommendation for fat loss.

and a macro calculator on the same site:
that allows you to choose your own macro ratio or one of several presets, and it breaks results down by day and meal.