What are some other "nutritionally complete" food products? Like Calamari or Macaroni (Not drinks/bars)


I just recently heard of viteramen. Going to give it a go.

Are there any other nutritionally complete food products that are not drinks/bars?

Like Cheesy Macaroni 25% daily div or Alaskan Cod 25%div


Huel is probably Soylent’s biggest/closest competitor.


I eat Vite Ramen (referral/discount link) almost every night. Love it.

I tried MealSquares a long time ago, when they were just starting out, so I don’t know if they made any changes/improvements (I think they still just have the one product). It wasn’t bad by any means. But it became a very dry, pretty bland, monotonous bore after awhile, and wasn’t all that exciting to begin with. Definitely not something I would want daily, and not something that would excite me to eat, but I could do it.

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