What are the dimensions of a container that can mix 1 serving of Soylent?


The Soylent pitcher can mix five servings at once, I find this inefficient because Soylent goes bad after two days of refrigeration, and I only drink 2 servings a day. So I am wondering if anyone knows what the dimensions of a container that could do what the Soylent pitcher can do, but with one serving instead of five? Thanks in advance.


This doesn’t answer your question but [in my experience] Soylent out of the pitcher is fine on day 3, or even day 4 (and probably day 5). I don’t let that authoritarian timestamp on my milk container boss me around either though, so I may just be a mad man.

EDIT: Just today, I had 2 glasses out of a pitcher of Soylent on its fourth day and I’m still alive ATM.


I say this from experience, it does go bad after 2 days in the fridge. The taste sours. It does vary from season to season, summers are faster than winters, but it is best to finish it in 2 days.


I believe you. I took out a part of my original post that said something along the lines of this: I will say that on the fourth day it can seem a bit sour and/or oily but I’m not entirely sure if its just my brain telling me that something should be wrong because Soylent doesn’t recommend drinking it after 2 days or if something is actually wrong/changing.

Also, I’m having the last serving of a 5 day old pitcher literally right now and it seems fine but it doesn’t taste/feel like a serving from the first day and there is a sour-y aftertaste that sticks around until I take a sip of water. It’s very minor (to me) though. This is either my first or second time having a 5 day old serving.

EDIT: Also, not sure if this makes a difference but I’m drinking a pitcher of 1.7 (not 1.8) from a packet that ‘expired’ like last year (a year or so ago I changed to 2.0 exclusively but I had a bunch of 1.7 powder stockpiled that I’ve been slowly working through).


I had been using the scoop adding two to a travel sized coffee mug then added only enough water that would keep it a thick mix with a hand held mixer. It all depends on how much you want to mix some up every day I guess.


I like the convenience of shaking it up


Just add more water, close the thermal mug’s top and shake away.


I use 20-ounce Blender Bottles - two scoops of Soylent and just fill it up the rest of the way with water and shake it up. That’s 500 calories - my daily lunch at my desk. I make it the night before. Works like a charm.