What are the effects of not keeping to a three meal schedule?


I’d prefer to take a sip of Soylent every few minutes throughout the day, rather than dividing my daily Soylent intake into three meals. However, I once heard that not keeping to a three meal schedule could imply health damage and weight gain; I don’t know if this is true. Should I worry about any of this?


ive read the opposite because it keeps your metabolism up from constantly digesting “food”


I think that would make sense, as it would mean the body could digest everything at a slow pace rather than all at once.


The 3 meal a day model was developed in a modern working world. Six smaller healthy meals are better than 3 big meals but it’s not convenient so people gravitate around 3 meal days. I think Soylent will be good for getting more small meals to provide your body the energy it needs as it needs it.


We’re been doing just that - sipping any time we feel the need. It seems to work extremely well with Soylent. We find that we just drink some any time we feel the feed, and let our bodies tell us when we’re done. It generally only takes a modest amount to feel nicely fed too, anywhere from 6 to 12 ounces generally does the trick for us depending on how hungry we are. Now I have a Contigo insulated container (20 ounces) that I just fill up in the morning and work on until it’s empty, then repeat all day. It’s great!

Oh and our scale is telling me I’ve lost weight, but I’m going to reserve that assessment until I’ve had at least 2 to 3 weeks with Soylent to really confirm it.


One thing you do need to be mindful of is acid reflux.your stomach can not hold 3 litres of soylent. It takes some time to move from the stomach into the next area (sorry forgot the name). If you keep adding to it, you make it take longer as you are adding to the volume . What I am saying is, if you are going to sip, then do that from the start of the day and don’t for example have a huge “meal” and then start sipping. Think about how many litres you have had in the last say two hours and don’t have more than 1 litre. For non metric thinkers a litre is about a quart. If you start getting sore throats the most likely culprit is you have been filling your stomach too fast and it is backing up.
Sorry if this post was alarmist, but when I started my DIY it was only by trial and error (=sore throats) I figured this out.


Yeah I suppose that is possible… personally I can’t imagine consuming that much in short order. Something about Soylent is just so instantly satisfying, that despite having it right here and able to be sipped from all day long, I just don’t have the need for it. I sip maybe every 15 to 20 minutes perhaps, and that keeps me always feeling quite comfortable and not “hungry” in the slightest.

Also I found it helped (before I had my insulated thermos) to use glasses where I knew their volume. A 6oz glass would be a “snack” and a 12oz (or two of the 6oz) would be a “meal”. That worked nicely too if I needed to be a tad more structured.


That sounds super comfortable. As you call it a ‘modest amount’, are you implying that you are consuming less than you were before? I’ve generally found it hard to eat less than usual, because I would stay hungry and more often than not end up eating some more.

Don’t you think the usual wiggles in a person’s weight are (partly) due to the variety of their food? If they eat a salad on one day and a pizza on the next, then no wonder their weight isn’t constant. Hence, I’d say that your weight loss could very well be due to the use of Soylent.


i think the idea of meal timing has lost traction recently. most fitness advice i’ve seen has said your body doesnt care whether you eat 2000 calories in 2 meals or 8


Health and fitness advice is like the weather, if you wait long enough it will change :slight_smile:

The problem with eating all the calories at once, is that you will probably end up hungry and eat again and go over your calorie goal for the day. That’s one advantage of spreading it out over time.


Exactly. I remember working at GNC back in the day and half the stuff we used to tell people about supplements is now considered BS. (i mean the stuff we thought was true not the BS we threw out to get sales)


Not quite, more like I’m not paying as close attention to the number of ounces consumed, since I now frequently use my Contigo insulated bottle which holds 20oz and I drink over many hours. Initially I was always drinking out of either 6oz or 12oz glasses and meticulously tracking how many I consumed, so that I had a baseline idea of what it took for me to feel comfortably fed. But now that I have an idea, and also have my nice larger bottle available, I’m not tracking since I don’t really know exactly how much I’ve consumed over time.

Rather than sitting down and consuming a glass and considering that “a meal” I just take a sip every so often. Like today, I poured myself my breakfast around 2 hours ago, I’d say the container I’m drinking out of right now (my Contigo is in the sink soaking) is about 16 ounces, and I’ve consumed maybe 60% of it. I don’t feel anything I would remotely call “hunger” at all, and am quite satisfied and feeling great. I have another sip maybe every 15 to 20 minutes, and will pretty much keep that up most of the day.

Yeah I would imagine that to be true. And also just to the absolute weight of conventional food as well. I don’t know how that translates once it’s being digested, but it seems reasonable to me that Soylent would be lighter in absolute weight terms. But I’m really just pulling that notion out of my ass and have nothing to back it up at all. LOL


That makes me pretty jealous. I’m going to college this fall (and hence I’m moving out) and I’m very lazy if it comes to preparing food, so I’m hoping desperately that either they are shipping internationally by then (for which the chances are pretty slim, I’m afraid) or my DIY will not turn out to be disgusting. :slight_smile:

Yup, makes sense. There’s less rubbish in Soylent than in other meals, so the portion that contains everything a human needs will be smaller and lighter. Most importantly though, I think, is that you eat more or less the same amount every day, as it is the same meal. Just like most people that have cornflakes for breakfast will eat more or less the same amount of cornflakes every day. That probably contributes to having a pretty constant weight (or a constant weight loss/gain).

You could back it up by determining how much poo actually comes out of your ass. :wink:


Ummm… I’m all for science but I think I’m gonna have to draw a line at actually measuring my volume of excrement! LOL

I just re-did the math and our Soylent consumption rate is now running at about 1.45 bags/day for 2 people. It seems that we are actually needing less as time goes on. We haven’t been consuming any significant amount of conventional food on a regular basis so it would appear that by no longer paying attention to how much we consume (i.e. it’s breakfast time so I’ll have a 12 oz glass…) and instead letting our bodies dictate when and how much we consume, we are satisfied on less Soylent.

If so, that’s pretty dang cool!


How does that compare to your previous caloric intake? I’m not sure if you are drinking the same amounts but if so, that would put you each at 1457 cal per day.


Yeah I’m sure we aren’t drinking exactly the same amounts. She is far more active than I am, generally working like a demon in the yard nearly every day, at least at this time of year. Whereas I sit here in my chair probably at least 12 hours a day, possibly more. I really gotta change that.

My target from MyFitnessPal is 1350 calories a day, which includes aiming for 2lbs per week of weight loss (the maximum the app allows for). I feel this is an aggressive target given how inactive I am, but it’s what I aim for. Typically when I track my calories I end up slightly over that target and occasionally if we eat out or I meet up with friends etc, then I might go significantly overboard. With Soylent I think it’s actually a lot easier to hit the goal as I can feel full and satisfied all day and don’t get a lot of urges to snack.


Aren’t you afraid that by not eating the prescribed amount, you will not receive enough nutritions? Getting less calories/carbs/sugar is fine, but maybe you’ll now not get enough iron/copper/potassium/whatever. I don’t know how bad it is to get less of those than suggested by health organisations (as you might still get more of them than before Soylent), but I’d imagine it’s healthier if you would still get the right amounts of certain nutritions.


Nope I’m not worried about that kind of stuff even a little bit. No matter what, my mostly-Soylent diet is for sure better than the way I used to eat, and I did quite well for just shy of 41 years that way. I’m just listening to my body, and if I notice any ill effects then I can start to question the cause. So far it’s been nothing but positives everywhere I look.


The only concern I would have is protein synthesis. From what I found (I’d have to hunt for the articles, I don’t have them on hand anymore), most of those who have their doctorate in nutritional sciences with an emphasis in protein (yes, there is such a thing) say that less than 35-50g of protein (varied depending on who was saying it) in a sitting is not optimal for protein synthesis. It may be optimal for carbohydrate intake, but your body apparently will not properly absorb the protein if it is not in a larger amount at a time.

Source: I was studying to be a personal trainer at one point, then decided it was too much work for too little pay.


Vegetarians rarely get this level of protein per serving I would guess so I don’t know how much importance I would put on this. Vegetarians rely on the proteins found naturally in the food they eat, so at naturally occurring rates it seems to be ok.