What are the healthiest currently available off-the-shelf meal replacements?


Looking for products to test out as meal replacements while waiting for soylent. I’ve seen Ensure mentioned many times… but there are many products in the Ensure line … locally, I can also find Boost and the President’s Choice line of meal replacements (Nutri-Total, etc)… I’m curious which are closest to soylent in terms of nutrients. Do these meal replacements have the same issues Soylent had in the beginning? Lack of sulfur? Too much iron?

Anyone in-the-know care to chime in?


Furthermore, are there any such meal replacements that are good enough that people waiting for soylent go out of their way to order them online?


So far as I’m aware there isn’t any product currently on the market that can offer a fully nutritional diet the way Soylent can. They might meet a few requirements in the standard dosages but to consume enough to live on would give you way too much of other nutrients, salt and sugar being prime among them.
@goukix0x mentioned in another thread today that he’s had experience using Ensure, maybe he could give a first hand account of some of the commercially available supplements.

How is soylant supposed to help with acid reflux?

In my opinion the best thing you can do would be to go the DIY soylent route. The current products on the market use relatively cheap/low quality ingredients. You can easily formulate your own version of soylent for your particular needs, ensuring you get adequate nutrition.


But to specifically answer your question, the best off the market product would probably be ensure. I lived off it for months before I started with my own version of soylent.


How did you faire on Ensure? Which type of Ensure did you use?


I used ensure+. The excess sugar triggered some reactions, but i doubt a healthy individual would be greatly affected by it.


Complete nutrition for use with feeding tubes. The whole point of them is complete nutrition in liquid form.

That’s just one brand, obviously. Yeah, it’s expensive.


It’s not what he’s looking for. Those are what’s called elemental formulas and they are used when the gut can’t properly absorb nutrients for whatever reason (in my case crohns).

You can make your own version for cheaper with better ingredients resulting in better outcomes. If you absolutely refuse to do any work yourself, go with http://www.nestle-nutrition.com/Products/Family.aspx?FamilyId=E82AB1D6-9D03-40AC-BDF0-96C8895A0C59 Which was shown in one study to be more effective than a regular elemental diet, due to the fact it used hydrolyzed whey over a purely amino based formula.

Though why you would do this when you can go the DIY soylent way is beyond me.


Why I wouldn’t make it myself = Laziness, mostly… plus, I don’t trust myself to make it properly
Why I wouldn’t buy it from some random online vendor = I don’t know random online vendors from a hole in the ground… for all I know, they’re selling me nothing but sweetened corn starch.


Go with ensure+. Peptamen tastes like death and is exorbitantly pricy. 4 bottles of ensure+ hits 95%+ of your daily required needs and will cost you around $8 a day.


When you say Ensure +, you mean Ensure plus calories? What about Ensure /w fibre?



Fiber has two purposes
1.Pushing food waste out of the system
2.Feeding Microflora

Since you don’t have to worry about number 1, I wouldn’t worry about your fiber intake. If you’re still worried about fiber http://www.amazon.com/Jarrow-Formulas-Inulin-FructoOligoSaccharides-Powder/dp/B001BAA15C/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1381265829&sr=8-9&keywords=prebiotic will take care of it.
Feed the beneficial bacteria while starving the bad


It’s named Ensure Plus.
Ensure Complete seems to be the one with added fiber, but otherwise the same as the Plus.

edit to add:
Boost Plus appears very similar to Ensure Plus.


Yah, I think they go by different names in Canada =\ … I’ll compare nutrient breakdowns and figure out which one’s the one I’m looking for.


Yep, just a little bit different in Canada: http://ensure.ca/en/products