What are the most important things that a soylent newbie should know?


I picked up a week’s supply on eBay (at a truly insane price) that’s going to be coming in tomorrow. I’ve been browsing around here a lot more in the past few days, and I’m trying to get an all-in one list of tips for things a soylent newbie like myself should understand.

So far, I’ve got:

  • Drink slowly - helps with hunger and the well-documented adjustment issues.
  • Don’t stand too close to coworkers the next couple days.
  • Add a small amount of salt, since the stuff out of the bag probably doesn’t have enough. (What does this do to the flavor?)
  • Mix up the next day’s batch the night before, keep in the fridge overnight. Helps with texture.
  • Use low speed or intermittent on your blender - high speed makes the mix frothy and more likely for the oil to separate out.
  • Barring that, use the Takeya pitcher and give it a good couple minutes of shaking.
  • You don’t have to consume the whole bag if you don’t feel hungry enough to finish it.

Any other one-offs or tips that anyone can think of?


Make sure you refer to the most recent Soylent 1.0 instructions, located here:



If you’re not going 100% Soylent right away it might not be necessary to add the salt as picking up the additional sodium in other meals or snacks it pretty easy. Reports on what the salt does to the taste have been pretty mixed from very negative to no discernible effect.

Hey, Julio is back!


I like it with the little bit of extra salt (non iodized)
It is alright to add flavors to your soylent like cocoa.
Add oil after it has soaked some hours
Add about 1.6l water = 2 liter finished Soylent.
The more you consume over a shorter period of time… The more you fart… Like throwing saw dust in the fire.
It is alright to eat other stuff while eating Soylent.
Your body might have to adapt to higher levels of minerals/vitamins depending on previous diet.

And more


Ooh, didn’t even know that existed. Thanks for the pointer!

(I am definitely trying the PB&J idea at least once! With the reports of Soylent having a kind of cake/bread flavor, it could totally work!)


Powdered peanut butter and frozen dark cherries


That sounds delicious.


If you find the additional salt (1/4teaspoon) negatively changes the flavor, you can always get that extra bit of salt outside of your Soylent consumption. i.e. put it in a small glass with water and drink it fast


Do you think some soy sauce would be gross?


I’ve tried liquid smoke. BBQ Soylent. Yum!


Add the oil the next morning after the mix has soaked nicely. It makes a really big difference with the texture of the finished drink.


And as the release notes point out, remember to drink plenty of water if you switch over to predominantly using soylent. I have to constantly remind myself of this fact, as it seems a little counter-intuitive if you are using soylent ~100% and it being liquid and all.


That’s an excellent point @Swimsy. Just because you’re drinking it, doesn’t mean you’re getting enough H2O…


I have had the occasional headache, which, for me, has always been quickly rectified by downing a couple of glasses of water.


My other advice would be if you find yourself having loose stools, try adding 1 gram of soluble fiber. I use psyllium husk. Just don’t do more than that. Other than that, I just have to warn you that going 100% straight off the bat might make you feel terrible the first few days. But it’s worth it in the end.


One more thing that a soylent newbie should know:

  • Holy crap, this stuff tastes really good.


@Karunamon, I’m really glad it works for you. But, individual taste is so subjective there will be others who disagree.

Although now some esoteric exercise in patience, I can still manage to look forward to receiving my pre-order & finding out for myself some time way, way, way (WAY) in the future. Last I saw Europe will see official Soylent sometime in 2015. Before anyone moots it; no, I’m not going to pay stupid prices to an ebay profiteer.


True, true. I took a suggestion off the instructions and mixed some peanut butter & jelly into my last batch.

I swear, this now tastes like drinking a PB&J sandwich. I find myself wanting a glass of milk to go with it :stuck_out_tongue: