What are the reasons for not using sugar? (DIY and official)


Are there any benefits for keeping Soylent sugar free?
How does Maltodextrin+Sucralose compare to Maltodextrin+Sugar?

Official Soylent and many popular DIY avoid sugar completely. I base my recipe on the official version but I sweeten it by replacing some maltodextrin with brown sugar.


I keep my DIY soylent sugar free to avoid unwanted insulin spikes. I am minimally pre-diabetic and want to keep my A1C as low as I can for as long as I can. I suspect Soylent is sugar free for the same reason. Sucralose is a non-digestable sweetener so It adds no calories and shouldn’t cause insulin spikes.


But doesn’t maltodextrin have a higher GI than plain table sugar? If not what’s the number?


There’s lots of debate on that very subject on this site. I’m sure if you search around you will have no problem finding the discussion(s). I don’t add maltodextrin either.


I use 5 packets of Splenda per day (5g basically) of DIY to sweeten. That is a very small amount of Sucralose (with some Malto and Dextrose as well). It takes roughly 50-60g of Sugar to equivalently sweeten soylent. That is a non-trivial amount of the carb budget for my DIY (I’m not saying it is a majority or even a significant minority, but it isn’t trivial, it is over 10% of the total amount)

Cost-wise it is much more expensive to use sugar to sweeten, also it takes calories from other, perhaps better, ingredients.


I’m talking about replacing some of the malto with sugar. Keeping the carbs about the same.