What are we calling people who eat Soylent?


We need an identifying name for our movement. Soylenteers? Soylers? Soylentarians? Soylentvores?


Most often I’ve seen it as ‘Soylenteer’.


Soylanters, There can be only one (food)


Soylenteers… my mind ran with that.

cue captain planet music

Captain Soylent, he’s a hero, gonna take inefficiency down to zero… ect

or the continued later part.

We’re the Soylenteers, you can be one too, and drinking our soylent is the thing to do. Wasting time on whole food, is not the way. Hear what captain Soylent has to say!

…I’m a little weird.


Guinea pigs? :smile:


I am thinking cannibals.


Call us "Green"


A man’s gotta eat


This is why I wish they had not named it “Soylent.” Yeah, I get it, it’s catchy in a dark way. But I’m getting pretty tired of all the mouth breathers going, “HUR HURR SOYLENT GREEN IS MADE OF PEEEEEEOPLE LOL”


It was also named after soylent from the book, not the movie, in which soylent was not made out of people. It’s not people! It’s not people! :stuck_out_tongue:


:stuck_out_tongue: That is why I made that image as a joke, because we heard it enough times already heh


Soylenteers sounds good, I call my drinks Soylentinis.


Whoopee cushions…


The Grays. :stuck_out_tongue:

My brother once a while tease me about Soylent and me becoming one of the grays aliens. lol


Whenever my aunt visits, she see’s the organic type foods that I eat and jokingly says “Where is the real food in this house? You eat like a communist”. Maybe that’s what it can be called: Communism Diet. Although, actual communists should be so lucky :wink:

(No offence to actual communists that may visit this forum).


I have inside me food of kings.


Bloggers commonly label them as hipsters.


Hehe. Even though I live in SF, I’ve never been confused for a hipster before. I’m so happy that I finally made it into the clique! :wink:


Bloggers commonly use the word “hipster” to describe any person or group of people who maintain habits or personal tastes in which the blogger has no desire to partake.

I’d say “people” but if we can make any more Highlander references that’d be fine, too



I actually laughed out loud.