What are you using for phosphorous?

I see that monosodium phosphate and calcium phosphate are being used as phosphorous source BUT the monosodium seems not to be available where I live and calcium phosphate would give me too much calcium.
What are the other options? Would disodium hydrogen phosphate be suitable?

I’ve had the darndest time finding phosphorous sources. Here’s some sources I’ve found

Monosodium phosophate

1 lb, $17.70

1 lb, $13.00 (free shipping)

4 oz, $7.99

Dicaclium phosphate

1 lb $14.63

http://www.arcatapet.com/item.cfm?cat=3754. Labeled “For dogs, cats and horses.”
1 lb $5.79

Dipotassium Phosphate

1 kg $20 + $6.99 shipping

Creatine Glycerol Phosphate

400g - $24.00

Calc-K - Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorous Chelate

12 oz - $19.95

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Monosodium Phosphate is the safest option, I guess, and I’m trying to get it in Poland, with no luck so far. The ones you have linked to are either too expensive to ship or simply cannot be shipped to Poland (the Amazon one).

Dicalcium phosphate - too much Calcium.

Has anyone already tried Dipotassium Phosphate? Doesn’t it mess with with pH balance in one’s stomach?

Creatine… - nah.

Calc-K - too much Calcium, again.

Creatine Glycerol Phosphate is an alternative if you’re already taking creatine, which is usually in the form of creatine monohydrate. It’s more expensive, but the company producing GCP makes some claims about it being more bioavailable and causing less bloating or cramping.

As for dipotassium phosphate messing with the ph in your stomach, it is basic, with a ph of 9. If you’re worried about that, you could take it separately.

Little confused at how this works. So Creatinol Phosphate is a source of phosphorous from creatine with the actual creatine stripped out? Does 100g of Creatinol Phosphate = 100g of Phosphorous?

I’m looking at the following product:

In it’s directions it recommends between 3-5g a day however Rob’s recipe is only 1g of Phosphorous. Thoughts?

So Creatinol Phosphate is a source of phosphorous from creatine with
the actual creatine stripped out? Does 100g of Creatinol Phosphate =
100g of Phosphorous?

The stuff I mentioned was Creatine Glycerol Phosphate (CGP), which is different than the Creatinol Phosphate (COP) you linked to. According to this website, COP is not a source of creatine, since it breaks down to creatinol. If you want to use it as a source of phosphorous it looks expensive. According to wikipedia the molar mass of COP is 197.13, which means that COP is approximately 15.71% phosphorus by weight. That is, to get your RDA of 700 mg, you’d have to take about 4.5 grams, costing about 43 cents/day for the 250 gram size. I’m using dicalcium phosphate, which is costing me about 3 cents/day.

Unless you have some other reason for using COP, it doesn’t sound attractive.

I am awaiting actual nutritional info from my suppliers of protein (it might be a long wait methinks ;)) - but according to this: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/custom/2424796/0 - pea protein seems to be surprisingly high in phosphorous, so much so that 30g per day seems to fit the bill. (rice protein also seems to have a lot in, but nowhere near this amount). It is also disturbingly high in iron though (as rice and soy protein seem to be as well), and it is quite hard to keep the iron low enough using these proteins.

Would love to be able to actually verify the amounts in the stuff I am buying however :wink:

Also Calcium Caseinate http://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/shop-by-category/protein-supplements/slow-release-protein/calcium-caseinate.html - protein powder has a lot of phosphorous as well (an insane amount of calcium though obviously ;)).

Having a lot of trouble with the protein powders myself as i don’t tolerate whey isolate well, and the vegan stuff is super high iron :frowning: - I am probably going to be making my own mix using 3 or 4 powders by the looks of it :wink:

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I find their “MILK PROTEIN CONCENTRATE 85% INSTANTISED” to be even better, it is cheaper, the phosphorous content is higher and it has a great amino profile. It is what I use


I’m having trouble working out how much phos is in cgp though. have you worked it out by any chance?

According to this website, cgp has a chemical formula of C7H16N3O7P, with a molecular weight of 285.191601. Phosphorous’ atomic weight is 30.973761998. That would mean that cgp is approximately 10.86% phosphorous by weight.

I just use oat flour and cocoa powder for carbs and fat which naturally contains quite a lot of phosphorus. Enough for the RDI. I just use Potassium Citrate for the potassium source, which is another one that can be a pain to source in some countries.

I’m having a heck of a time locating a phosphorus source that ships to Canada. Amazon is out, and I’m not crazy about ordering powder randomly from eBay, unless it’s a branded product (which this stuff typically isn’t). Also - not looking to add creatine.

I couldn’t find anything on PureBulk.com that seemed appropriate. Has anyone else had any luck?

I have about 400mg that I need to add to my existing recipe (there’s 325 in it now, and I need 700). I’d like not to have to switch out major components just to bring along some phosphorus. I’d like to just add some. Any thoughts? I can’t even find it in tablet form, because if I could, I’d just powder some tablets.

phosforus is located in your protein, there is no need to msm or another substitute

Only one of the four protein sources I’m using lists phosphorus. Is it safe to simply assume they contain enough?

I get my phosphorus from masa harina, oat, and barley malt flours, and also some soy milk.

Reanimating this thread because I’m having a large problem with phosphorus. I can’t find any phosphate supplements in Canada, and the little bit in my recipe is from a multivitamin. My main carb source and whey protein contain no phosphorus. What can I do?

Baking powder


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Oh my non-existent god, thank you!

@VCrakeV Whey protein does have phosphorus, actually, but baking powder should do the trick too. :stuck_out_tongue: