What are you using for sodium, Rob?


I added ~5 grams of sodium chloride (iodized salt) to my mixture which might have made it taste extremely salty and unpleasant to drink. Also, I used unflavored whey protein isolate too, but I see you use the vanilla Cytosport branded whey powder, so do you suggest I use that to improve the taste? Also, I added around 200 grams of maltodextrin but that did nothing to help the flavor.


I had a similar issue with taste regarding to salt even though I’m using a smaller amount than you.


The CDC recommends 1.5 g of sodium intake per day, so I’d say you probably don’t need to add 5 grams to your mixture. Not sure about the whey protein, and I’m not sure if reducing the sodium would help the taste, but I hope this info helps


i’m also curious about this. i assumed that for K and Cl, he included KCl which is commercially available, but then table salt would add in more Cl… so is there an alternate source of these elements? i’ve also noticed that the nutrients that are included in soylent but NOT in one-a-day pills are the ones that are harder to come by…


I just use table salt. All proportions come from the molar mass. I honestly think it improves the taste versus the formulation sans salt. Are you sure none of your other ingredients contain sodium?

Are you using olive oil? If so try adding Lecithin. It improves the taste significantly.


I use 6g of non-iodized salt and it doesn’t taste salty in the least. I SINCERELY hope no one is attempting to ingest this in a single glass, we’re talking more like diluted in a gallon of water here consumed over the course of a day. I only mention this because I noticed someone in his blog comments attempted it in a single drink and nearly threw up (with good reason).


Yeah, but you must account for the elemental chloride in sodium chloride too. The total atomic weight of sodium chloride is ~58.442. ~39% of sodium chloride is elemental sodium and the other ~61% is chloride. The CDC might recommend 1.5 g of sodium daily but the FDA recommends 2.4 g daily. So, 2400 / 0.39 is 6153 mg. So it takes ~6.1 grams of salt just to reach the daily recommended value. For 1.5 g of sodium it takes 3.846 grams of salt to reach the recommended value. 3.846 could be enough to cause an unpleasant taste, and in my formula I have already adjusted for the sodium that I am getting from using monosodium phosphate for phosphorus, and for the other ingredients that also contain sodium.


Yeah, I am using olive oil and I think that could possibly be the problem too.


That is why I divide servings of soylent into thirds throuhtout the day. Do you use olive oil for the fat?


Has anyone tried adding some MSG?


That’s a good point @lox, I didn’t think about the implications on Cl intake. I’ve been looking for sources of Cl, but there are limited options since most people get more Cl than they need because most people get more Na than they need. I guess something you could try is adding seaweed. Or KCl. But I’m really not optimistic that that would help the taste haha, sorry


Hi guys, is anyone else having problems with fat sources? I tried olive oil like Rob suggested but it makes the whole thing taste awful! Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong? By the way, how did you find out which protein Rob is using? Are you sure that’s the one? I’m a little intrigued by the high amounts of cholesterol it has.


Yes I do, see here: http://discourse.soylent.me/discourse/t/soylent-early-adopters-experiences-tips/125


You might find the taste thread I just started helpful:



You could also try sea salt instead of regular salt, its basically same nutrition minus no added iodine and tastes better.


Yeah, I am using sea salt, and I found out that it wasn’t the salt that was the problem. It was the olive oil that was causing the taste problem for me. Currently I am experimenting with using lecithin as an emulsifier.