What are your other additives? (health or taste)


what else do you add on top of the essentials?

For me:

+230mg choline (total of 720mg)

+250-600mg L-Theanine

+25g Creation Monohydrate (during a cycle)

+5g L-Glutamine

+4-5g L-Arginine

1 banana for taste :smile:

Soylent smoothies or Soylent as additive

Right not I only add an extra 5mg of biotin for skin, hair, and nail health. (What? I’m vain.)

I’m also seriously thinking of getting some collagen hydrolysate, for joint health, and powdered ginseng for… uh, chi? I’m not actually sure what ginseng does health-wise, I just know I added it to my current mixture once and it turned it delicious.


I currently add in:

calcium citrate

KCl (though I could drop it if I switched to soy flour)

baking powder (for loft and carbonation with my baked batches - it makes it bready)


lemon juice and vanilla extract (a couple drops of each to round out the neutral profile)

And whatever other spices I’d like for that particular batch. I’ve gotten rather enamored of the malleability of my base recipe…