What are your softgels and where do you like them?


so… softgels.

i currently only have one in my stacklent, coq10.

the hardest thing in the world to add to my mix. i currently use a steak knife and violate everything the boy scouts ever taught me, as i prick one end open and squeeze for dear life to get the last drop of toothpaste out of the tube. oh, and did i mention that i try to aim for the middle of the blender, as getting it on the sides just makes it stick/get caught in the lid.

which leads to my questions:

what are your softgels?

what is/are your processes for mixing them in?


I also only have one softgel, which is the fishoil capsule.

My complicated process: Once per day, swallow it. :smiley:


Simple solutions just don’t seem to have universal appeal, Ben! I don’t understand it either, just something odd about human nature. I like your method, quick, easy, lossless and virtually foolproof. :slight_smile:


@CuriousBen, i thought of that! but, i’ve found with my highly variable schedule, taking supplements is something easy to get skipped—even if it’s only one!

plus (also for another thread), i make my stacklent the night before, so, i guess, i could time it, but, then i’d be getting it for sleep than activity.


i think i trip on the word, “virtually.”

but i can prove i’m a fool, anyday.


The forgetting to take them is a problem I know quite well.

A checklist is the best way I found around that. If you use a written schedule, have tickboxes in it for every pill you take daily and don’t tick it until you actually have taken them. Assuming you check your schedule often enough, that should work.
If you use Outlook a lot for work, you can set yourself a task in that…
…There’s always a way. :slight_smile:


Same here – I forget mine quite a lot. What doesn’t help is I keep changing my mind both about individual supplements and about supplements in general. I was big on them for awhile, until I realised that the manufacturers were ignoring RDA’s totally and in many cases dangerously. Like the generally available vitamin A supplement in my area contains 10,000 IU, and it’s a softgel so you can’t just cut it in half either. 10,000 IU of A is right at the threshold of potential toxicity! And the B vitamins: “B100” and “B50” just contain 50 or 100 mg (mcg for some vitamins) of each vitamin in the family, totally ignoring the RDA for each one. As the pharmacist told me, “Yes, you need to be careful.”