What artificial flavors are in Soylent?


I just noticed on one of the pictures from this unboxing that “artificial flavors” is in the ingredient list. Any ideas?


I am guessing at this point…but I would assume Vanillin and sucralose give solent the malty vanilla taste.


The only one the Soylent team has mentioned is Vanillin for flavor. (Sucralose isn’t a flavor and is listed separately on the ingredients list.)


Even though it is listed, I included the sucralose (artificial sweetener) since it has been a point of contention in the past. Just wanted to make sure the OP was aware.


Why was sucralose deemed necessary? I mean, is it there because it’s an essential nutrient, or is it just there to make the product more palatable? If the latter, wouldn’t it have been better to let the end-user decide whether they wanted sweetener or not (and if so what kind)?



They decided to add sucralose because, according to initial tasting, it was supposedly too bitter. I’ve noticed some people who have their Soylent now saying it’s too sweet so I hope they haven’t overdone it. A lot of people don’t like the weird taste of sucralose and some people don’t like it because it’s an artificial ingredient. I agree it would have been better to go with some other option.