What can I do to improve my current formula?



Update: About 20 minutes into drinking my first serving of soylent here are my vitals (I have a history of high blood pressure):

143 / 91
Pulse: 111

Update 2: Checked blood pressure and pulse again after about 5 minutes.

130 / 78
Pulse: 112


I can’t get over how pretty it looks.


Something is not working in the calculation with your fibers.
Also, as I understand it (not an expert), more soluble than insoluble would do you good (?).

Since you are going for very complete information, you should have shipping cost somewhere too.

Other than that I can only agree with systema :slight_smile:


Thank you @CuriousBen and @systema. I just mixed it up this morning and it tastes great! Attempt #2 is a success, so far. Someone in these forums mentioned that insoluble fiber tends to sink to the bottom of the container, and I can verify that they really are. In the future, I have quite a few changes to make in regard to mixing my formula, and adding the fiber separately to each glass I drink will be one.


Are you planning on adding the non-essentials ingredients Rob referred to? I’m talking about Lycopene, Ginseng, etc. And some noontropics maybe?

Kudos for the spreadsheet. It’s very well built I’m gonna build mine based on yours.

You guys have any website (aside from well.ca because I can’t find everything I need) that’s located or that ships to canada?


Yeah, I’m going to look into using more non-essentials. I’m not sure about Canadian suppliers, but if you search for a compound at www.chemicalbook.com you may be able to find some information about suppliers located in Canada.


Ok, great. I’ll be checking for your updates.

Thanks for the link. I did find Calcium Carbonate but at a much higher price. For 500g, this supplier (http://www.akpetrochem.com/products/calcium-carbonate-powder/1294) sells it for $170; compared to your $17,50. Both CaCO3, powder. Am I missing something?


Wow… That is way too expensive! I am not sure how they could justify such a high cost like that. You will have to put that supplier aside and find a different one.


I know, right! Same deal for Biotin (C10H16N2O3S) http://www.akpetrochem.com/products/biotin-d/C272. That is crazy!

I just verified with PureBulk and shipping is free for orders over 99$. I’ll deal with them.


Get Tums, it adds a small amount of sucrose & other excipients, but a fraction of that cost.

You could get Calcium carbonate tabs (oyster shell calcium) instead, but they probably wont crush up as nicely, (unless you get a mortar and pestle).


@lox, may I ask where you took the nutritional info for your Flax Seeds? Could only find this and it’s missing information.


Based on the feedback I have seen over the last few days across the forums, particularly in the diarrhea thread, it might e a good idea to reduce magnesium a bit from the maximum it is currently at.


I found additional information for flaxseed here: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3163/2


Yeah, that is right and magnesium can actually block the absorption of many nutrients too. I didn’t get diarrhea from my soylent yet, but i certainly had a decreased pulse (down to 60 beats per minute) after drinking 60% of my concoction. I just threw the rest of it away once I felt a stomach ache and nausea coming on. The relaxed sensation was nice but the sick feeling was not so nice. So, yeah it was probably too much magnesium, and I didn’t account for the magnesium sterate in the capsules that I took, but I did account for it in the omega flaxseed I am using for fiber. I am going to take magnesium gluconate out of my current formula, and see how I react to it.


Lox, do you plan to keep your spreadsheet up-to-date with your latest formula?


Yeah, I am going to keep it up-to-date as best I can but I don’t advise anyone to follow my calculations blindly.I have double checked my calculation but apparently my current formula gives me a stomach ache and nausea. I believe the magnesium is too much for my body to handle. Also, I would suggest others to use lecithin powder instead of granules. You have to soak granules in water for one hour so they will actually dissolve and can then be used to emulsify the solution.