What can we do with soylent? For any purpose? Or limited to some topics?


What can we do with soylent? For any purpose? Or limited to some topics?
Any idea?


Drink it. That’s what I do.


Ummm, yaas… BE has the right idea.

I’m not quite sure why the question was asked, or whether the querent is really serious. He’s obviously new to this board in any case. I’m not sure where the connection would be between automation technology and soylent. However.

Assuming the question was asked seriously, I would say the purposes of soylent, so far, seem to have clustered in this fashion:

(1) Soylent as a means whereby bachelor geeks and techies with no patience and talent for cooking can dispose of the cooking annoyance without resorting to fast-food, ramen or any of the other bad-nutrition options they might otherwise have to fall back on. Maximum efficiency plus good nutrition. “I’ll never need to think about food again.”

(2) Soylent as a bland, controlled form of medical nutrition for people with allergies, IBS/IBD, ulcers, psych issues with food (phobias, obsessions etc.) and similar – people with gastric and food issues, basically. Whether it is really bland enough for that purpose remains unproven. A few individuals seem to have leapt rather desperately into soylent as the answer to their probllems; with what result, I don’t know.

(3) Soylent as a convenience meal-replacer for those short on inspiration, patience, or ability to make daily mundane decisions, or those who say they have “no time” to do real food.

(4) Soylent as a novelty for those who think it’s cool. “Robot food” one person called it with great approval.

(5) Soylent as a means of gaining tighter control over one’s dietary intake in terms of total calories, macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). This group consists largely of people with body-building type interests, though from where I sit they appear to be rather set apart from the conventional bodybuilding mould. There may also be a few slimmers, also of a specialised sort, in this group. CONTROL is the watchword for this group.

(6) Soylent as an extra added dietary option, or as a default setting. Here it’s a way of ensuring adequate nutrition and making sure DO get a meal when you’re just not engaged with the idea of food prep, or you’re too busy, or you’ve got the blahs. For this group it’s a heaven-sent GOOD way of taking the easy way out without compromising nutrition, making sure you get the energy/calories despite just not feeling like going through the motions.

(7) Soylent as a vehicle for personal experimentation and learning about nutrition. Lots of people doing that on this forum! (I’m one, for me it’s a mix of numbers 6 and 7.)

(8) There has been a little talk about soylent as expedition rations for hikers, backpackers and cross-country skiiers. I don’t know if it has the
requisite energy/weight ratio to serve that need well, though; personally I would go for Logan Bread or something similar, highly concentrated, tasty, full of dried fruit, nuts and honey and bursting with calories.

(9) Some think they are going to “feed the world” and succour the starving in Ethiopia, Somalia, India, Bangladesh, etc. with Soylent, but that is rather a pipe dream at present. There are too many other well-connected contenders already as things stand, but the starving don’t seem too interested in any of it. I guess when you’re starving your mind is filled with visions of what you already familiarly know as food and not with Plumpy’Nut or Soylent.

I wouldn’t be surprised to be told I had missed three or four other important applications for soylent, but these are what came to my mind when the question was asked.


Quite simple - the question wasn’t asked about Soylent, it’s spam - and designed to fit any topic, including Soylent…almost.

Your posting is awesome though!
Mods, please do NOT delete this thread, I’d like to keep Jeffrey’s posting saved and won’t get home to do that for a while :blush:


Why, thank you, Ben! Yep, the query definitely looked rather suspect if not bogus, but it occurred to me we had no handy-dandy summary of all the proposed soylent purposes, so I thought, "oh, why not!: :wink:


Thank you for your guys’ reply. Now I get an idea about soylent. It’s all about food and relative topic. I like different kinds of foods,especially featured foods in different places. Now I am too busy to enjoy the meals and find delicious foods. I should spare a little time :slight_smile:


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I did not expect that. :smiley: