What Carbs to add to Soylent help


Hi, I’m in the middle of creating my own Soylent variation, and right now I’m at a bit of an impasse with my carbs. After much deliberation i have to decided to go with the maximum amount of oat flour to keep my phytic acid in the 2g range, and i think the amount I’ve used is pretty good. Problem is, this amount raises my fat to an unacceptable amount, without me having enough carbs to complete my recipe. So, I’ve finally come across sweet potato flour, which looks pretty good, but the Vitamin A is outrageous. Should i steer clear due to the outrageous amount of Vitamin A completely destroying my UL or is this ok since it is beta-carotene? Check out my progress and please critique here


Depends on how much exactly, or you risk turning orange/yellow at some point. But it is fine to get into the reds at least :slight_smile:


You may want to check out the DIY site.


Double check your nutritional data and make sure you have the right numbers.