What DIY soylent receipe should I try?


Im an 18 year old male, I am about 5’7" 200+ pounds. I want to try soylent mainly to lose weight, but also to just be healthy in general. I have been looking up DIY recipes and have no idea what one I should try.

Any help is much appreciated.


A good place to start is looking at the most popular recipes:

I started with the most popular recipe and then started experimenting and branching out with my own:


I just found something called “The Ultimate Meal”. It seems a lot more convenient than soylent because its just in one big can. You don’t need to mix the ingredients together or anything. Would this be a better alternative for me?


Just use the #1 or #2 on the site they’re good.

Then order Soylent from this site and once you run out of your DIY your regular Soylent should be at your door.

You can also change them a little to lose more weight.

You also need to workout obviously.