What do you do for a living?


I’ve been away and off soylent so I forget


I sit at a computer keyboard and type. Once in a while I go into a room with other people and we talk for a while.


I work for a food company, I also like to play grand strategy games in my spare time.


I get paid to sit at a computer and type all day. After that I sit at the computer and do other stuff. At least once a day I get on Skype and talk to my coworkers who are also typing on computers. At Christmas I bought a 3D printer and have been printing plastic in my spare time.


i work in the oilfield, 14hr days out in the middle of nowhere, 2.0 is perfect for me, i put it in the cooler on ice and i dont have to worry about feeding myself, i add casein protein powder to thicken it up so it makes me feel fuller longer.


I rarely sit at a computer and type all day, actually haven’t even turned on a laptop in several months, though I do sit in my recliner poking and swiping at my big iPad much of the day. Sometimes I go meet people and walk around for a bit or sit and talk and get them to scratch at my screen. Then when I’m not working I poke and swipe at a smaller screen to goof off at places like this. Realtor.


I stare at a computer and pretend to work on spreadsheets four out of five days a week. Then I write macros to do all my work for me.


Don’t we all do that!


I think we have the same job @JeffLeBert


I work in a call center and sit at a desk with a headset. Every hour and a half, I go outside to walk around 8-10 minutes to get some exercise, and I also walk my 25 minute break. (I do my best to be active while working. My goal is to get in at least 6,000 steps per day :smiley:)


I’m a undergraduate student for 2/3 of the year. While I’m at school, I’m an EMT Firefighter for my college town. I also own my own DJ business on the side, which I simply reinvest the profits from back into the business. Most of the year I am decently active, unless we have a fire. Usually I’ll get over 20,000 steps in for a decent burner, but other than those days, 6000 to 7000 steps is my average.


I have been teaching English in Japan for fifteen years now. It’s getting harder and harder to find new jobs, though. Maybe it’s my age (I’ll be 60 this year). I think the younger, more handsome guys have it easier. But Japan still is a great place to live. So safe and the people are so friendly. When people ask me to compare the USA and Japan, I say I feel like I died and went to heaven. Please don’t take offense at that last sentence. It’s just my opinion. The cost of living where I live really isn’t that bad when I compare it to California where my American family lives. The health care is good and affordable too. Something that America has that Japan doesn’t, and that I miss, is Soylent.


I used to be an English teacher in Japan myself, @Stuart_M :slight_smile: . I miss it greatly and I totally agree with you that Japan was a wonderful place to live!

These days I’m an attorney. I work from home and other lawyers send me research and writing projects they don’t want to do.


I used to be an ESL teacher in London! Wish I had spent a few years in Korea or Japan.


That’s so cool! I went so London later March this year and it was a unique experience. (I previously had never been out of the U.S.A or even the states just bordering Iowa.) The thing I found the most surprising was the lack of bathrooms! Haha! I went to a few stores and asked for the restroom and they said customers weren’t allowed. Then finally someone told me there were public restrooms so I hurried over and to my dismay they took coins to use! I only had paper money available, so as I was just about to panic a nice lady paid for my way in. (Thank goodness.) But that was one of the more intense moments I experienced on the trip lol! I don’t know how you Londoner’s do it !


I collect Social Security checks. Previously I worked for the chess world champion in Moscow and Manhattan, and worked for a company called Quarterdeck that made a multitasking program called Desqview and a memory management app called QEMM.


I mostly read instructions to people who failed to do so.