What do you mix your Soylent with?


I am an avid Soylent user and I like to mix up how I make my Soylent. I haven’t seen too many threads on what people like mixed in with their Soylent.

I personally mix a days worth of Soylent with a whole banana and 3-5 spoonfuls of peanut butter. The banana gives it a smoothie/milkshake feel to it and the peanut butter adds a splendid taste.I have also tried plain Soylent with just a dash of cinnamon and enjoyed that as well.

I hope a new category will be created in the future that is dedicated to this topic, but for now I was wondering what your go to Soylent recipe is.Comment below and let me know!


There are a number of threads on this topic if you google the site.


this is also a really old post. XD If I remember correctly, this was before people on the forums started making dedicated posts about it.