What do you think of Zone diet (30/40/30) formula?


Zone diet offers to consume carbohydrates and protein in a balanced ratio (30/30), while FDA carb/fat/protein ratio is 60/30/10, Soylent ratio is 50/30/20.


There is a lot of debate on high-carb vs low-carb and the long term effects on bloodwork, health, etc. The fact is that three things helps with satiety and fullness, fat, high fiber carbs and moderate to high protein.

How much protein do we need? We have pretty much figured out. If you are an athlete or highly active person, or you are attempting to lose body fat while preserving lean mass, then a daily intake of 1.0-1.5g/kg bodyweight (0.45-0.68g/lb bodyweight) would be a good target. (taken from http://examine.com/faq/how-much-protein-do-i-need-every-day.html).

Everyone is different, and there’s no magical percentage of fat/carb for all people in managing insulin levels, cholesterol and satiety. If you get ample protein then you have to play with the fat/carb ratio that your body responds to best. The zone diet is good because it provides a decent balance of macro nutrients that helps people eat less but even the founder has said that macro ratios will vary person to person.

I am 176 lb and i work out 3 times a week. I need to get at least 100 -120 grams of protein a day to feel good and recover well. On workout days i eat higher carbs to replenish glycogen in my muscles and help shuttle nutrients where they are needed. On rest days i eat higher fat to help with satiety and feeling full (but i always keep the fiber high). The zone diet aims to be some sort of middle ground.


There may be a different ratio for everyone, based on lifestyle and genetics. I recall reading an article about how a blood test might tell an individual what diet ratio would be best for them, but I cannot recall the title of the article for the life of me.


How about 40/30/30 instead? I’m getting low on my double protein and would like to order a month of 40/30/30. I would prefer it to contain only a small amount of sugar, taste is a secondary concern for me. I would also prefer each meal to contain 40g carb, 13g fat, 30g prot. Let me know if your willing to make this and how much.


I googled zone diet and its actually 40c/30p/30f.


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I think Zone diet will become a regular blend.
According to discussion on Reddit many people use it as their lifestyle.

But since @cipher and @Matt88 say that ratio depends on the person - I’m ready to play with different ratios. If you’re ready to review your feelings @Predator, I’m ready to make your 40/30/30 blend. I think all of us will be interested.


That’s awesome. Can you give as an exact nutrient breakdown per bottle? Just like your other labels have?


Sure I can do @cipher
Put it into my TO DO list.


Diabetic here. So, yes I would be interested in the Zone formulation. We just ordered regular for my wife and the double protein for me. I do think I would do better with even less carbs and more protein.


Thank you very much. We appreciate all you do.


Im not sure exactly what your asking, do you want me to write a full review of the double protein version? I have no problem with doing so but I warn you Im not the best writer.


@Predator you formula is cooked, tomorrow I will send it and yes, if it’s possible - write a review.

We here not for beauty, but for facts. So be straight and it would be the best contribution into powdered foods development.

@figurative - we will have some samples left after making 30/40/30 and 40/30/30 formulas, as well as we crafted a low sugar version. I will have a post about that today / tomorrow. So if you want samples added to your order let me know.