What do YOU use for Soylent?


While expecting to receive my first shipment of Soylent 1.1 (Yay 1.1!) I have found myself drawn to the website to begin gathering all the materials I will need to incorporate Soylent seamlessly into my daily life, with as little downtime as possible. In my research through the forums, I have found the need for a 32 oz bottle to carry two meals to school with, while leaving the third at home to (possibly) be eaten when I get home. This is the bottle I am probably going to get. http://www.blenderbottle.com/blenderbottle-classic.html
However, with all that aside, what do you use on a daily basis to eat your Soylent? Do you use a blender, a blenderbottle, etc? I would even go as far to ask how you vary the recipe. Do you take vitamins with your Soylent, add salt/sugar, etc?


I like straws. I have some cups which hold 1/4 of what the Takeya pitcher holds. I also have a hand blender to make mixing very quick and easy. It is easy to wash. I don’t really need much else.


I would suggest a 32oz thermos to keep your Soylent cold and a 20oz blender bottle. Warm unmixed Soylent isn’t very appetizing.


Before you buy a bunch of containers, or plan out your whole eating schedule, you should at least try it first. And only drink one glass/meal a day for 4 days to see how your body handles it. I just read one post where someone bought 12 months worth and then ended up not being able to tolerate it, ouch!


I second that question. I’ve been waiting five months and have had plenty of time to wonder if I’ll have it 3x or just once a day. Will I add spices? Fruit? Can you use another liquid as a base instead of water? Perhaps these deets are on some other thread.?

I have also been contemplating containers and blending methods. I’d love to hear about your experiences with it.

Also, when will we know if it has shipped?


Yeah I understand that I know that I, like everyone, gets a little excited and tend to go overboard with it. Right now I am subscribed to the 7 day subscription. This is kind of my trial run. I made this post so if I like it, I have some tips from the community that I can refer back to if I decide to upgrade my subscription to a 14 or 28 day one. In my personal situation, I am planning on using it as a breakfast and lunch replacement and eating dinner most days, but I will keep it in moderation so I don’t go too overboard on it. I’m also pretty wary about my online shopping and don’t tend to impulse buy much. That’s why I started this thread in advance. I want plenty of time to get advice and do my own research, but that you for the caution. :smile:


…I’m guessing we will both have time. We ordered a one month supply. My husband plans on never eating real food again, but I don’t want to live that extremely. I have terrible eating habits (one meal a day plus the occasional smoothie), so I think it would be brilliant to eat more often due to Soylent’s convenience factor. But I don’t know…It is different for everybody - digestion, taste preference, etc. Only time will tell, eh?


I use the pitcher from the starter kit and a blender bottle. I keep the pitcher in the fridge and pour a cup as needed.

At least that’s everything container+related.


He must be rich man by now, because ebay prices for Soylent 1.0 is at least double the official price. I do not appreciate that somebody is selling Soylent on ebay, but on this stage there are still a lot of people that would like to try now (in contrast with waiting 3-5 months).
I think the only solution can be for Rosa Labs is to sell “Try now” package with 5 days of Soylent for $100, but with delivery on next week. It will effectively cut-off price of ebay and make it not so profitable for resellers.

As for the topic: When my Soylent arrives, I plan to make 2L night before, add oil in the morning and after breakfast take the rest with me in air-tight-bottle to work. Put it in fridge till lunch at work.

Question: Do you need to shake it again before consuming at lunch, or proper night procedure and morning oil adding eliminate need of re-shaking? I’m concerned about granularity of my lunch.
PS. Dark Cocoa powder seems to be the best to improve aftertaste.

PS. One “meal” is expected to be about 650ml. Do you feel full after consuming, because your stomach is full or you feel that you consumed enough calories to kill hunger? What is the trigger for you to stop your meal?


After about 10-15 minutes of eating, I simply do not want any more of it, and pretty much regardless of what exactly it was.

As for “feel full”… I’ve tried, over the ages, with varying success at times, to never get there. I stop at “enough”.

Oh, and, yes, you really want to (re-)shake it whenever it sat around quietly for an hour or longer.


eBay prices have gone down. You can now get a week’s worth, delivered, for about $100 (some sellers try to get more, of course). The supply vs. demand equation is clearly tipping.


24 Oz blender bottle, although the “blender” part is in the pitcher to help mix up my large batches. I usually gulp down 8-16 ounces in the morning before work, and then fill the bottle up again and bring it to work for lunch, then if I don’t feel like spending any more money or making something else I drink the rest for dinner.


You use the 24 Oz blenderbottle? From a previous post I looked into, they gave all the Oz. that each meal is. So by their math, a 24 Oz. bottle is right between two meals. So you you just keep one meal in the bottle or eat four meals a day?


As I understand, 100% Soylent diet can be done in the following way:
1 day of Soylent is full 2L pitcher or ~64 oz.

64 is consumed in the following way:

  • 16oz in the morning using glass;
  • 24oz with you to work;
  • 24oz for your dinner.

It seem to be pretty straightforward and as I understand it’s ok to consume 24oz of Soylent in 15-20 minutes of slow sipping at work.


I mix it in the provided pitcher. Shake before pouring into a glass (I aim for 8-10 oz at a time). I notice it settles in the glass, so usually I’ll add a little water when I’m at the bottom and swirl it around before drinking the last of it. I have no problems carrying the pitcher around (the top handle is very convenient) and the fridge at work has a shelf with the necessary clearance to keep it upright. The mouth is wide enough that I can fit my fairly large hands inside to clean.

I have not needed to obtain any additional containers, thankfully. If I were to need a new container, I would look for something shorter and wider with a similarly wide mouth to allow me to clean it properly.


Frigoverre 77-oz glass pitcher. Shorter, wider, nice wide mouth.


By “fill it up” I mean put about 16 or so ounces in it :wink: I mix up a full pouch in the provided pitcher and just pour it into the bottle every morning/whenever I want some.

I have a desk job so I don’t expend that many calories, but since I work in Manhattan I walk everywhere (usually about 8-10 miles a day). I tried drinking about 8 Oz in the morning for breakfast since I usually don’t eat in the morning (7 am) and was hungry by 9 or 10, which is usually when I get hungry if I don’t eat breakfast at all and just drink a 16 Oz coffee. This morning I changed it up and downed 16 Oz of Soylent and didn’t drink any coffee (because the milk was curdled when I poured it out, yuck!), although I did have a Starbucks DoubleShot around 10:30. I only started to get hungry about 20 minutes ago and I’m drinking my Soylent now as I type this. That should last me until about 5ish when I’ll probably knock back the rest that I have at home.


Been on Soylet for a month now and find Soylent to be exactly as I have hoped it was going to taste. Of course, I found adding some almond milk, chocolate syrup and peanut butter really helps the texture. Not that I really minded the texture anyways but have heard other people complaining. Tried doing the 1/16 or 20oz per meal for a few weeks, but now I just make 2 pitchers and drink 16oz - 20oz whenever I’m hungry. I am very satisfied with the results so far and any improvements to the Soylent would be a bonus.