What does it take to mark a thread as read?


See screenshot below:
It took me more than 5 minutes to get that thread to be marked as read. I opened it many times, from the latest as well as the unread list, in a new tab as well as the current one.
I’ve moused over every single posting in the thread, clicked into every single one and marked some text, hit the top as well as the bottom of the page - nothing helped until just now, and I have no idea what made it work just now.

I’ve had this a few times before with different threads (most often ones where the last post was from myself), though it never took this long.

I would like to know now:
When/under what condition is a thread actually marked as read?
How do you “read” a post?

edit: ignore the blue frame; I was wondering why the OP’s avatar was missing, but that one actually is a white box.


This may be dumb, but it works for me. I just refresh the page once or twice and the unread stuff goes away.


On some of the lengthier threads, I had to scroll all the way to the bottom (essentially “viewing” all posts) to get the thread to be marked as read.


I just scroll to the bottom until the dark red ribbon at the top right corner is placed in the last post.


Let us know if you’re still seeing issues with this.

In other good news: you can now dismiss read topics via the “Dismiss Read” button at the bottom of the Unread tab.

Note that this changes all the topics on your unread list from “tracking” or “watching” state to “regular” state. So you won’t see new post counts on any of those topics again once you press the Dismiss Read button.

A similar Dismiss New button is coming to the new page next week.