What does WalMart US stock?


I’m in Canada, so no Soylent for me unless I import for own use. Can someone tell me — what kinds of stock do US Walmarts keep in? RTD? Powder? All of the above?

Thinking about making a border run when my stock pile of Soylent runs low in a month or two.


Walmart is stocking Cafe Vanilla, Cafe Chai, and Cacao RTDs. But the stock at individual stores may vary.

– John


Thanks, so generally now powder?


I have never seen powder at retail.


Darn. I’m pretty much exclusive powder. Thought the Walmart route might be easiest… apparently not :frowning:


I want to say I’ve read on here in the past that the powder tubs were supposed to be sold retail at GNC, but I can’t say for sure whether that’s the case. I never shop there so I can’t confirm.


Yeah pretty sure Powder Tubs were/are for retail, hence the nonsensical price that really sticks out on the website next to the other Powder products.


No powder in retail just yet.


Any plans for it? (20 characters)


Nothing immediate, but we do have some fun powder plans in the future…
– John


We just did a large Walmart order with powder. Purchased online with in-store pickup. They will hold in store for a week. They carry the powder tubs for in store pickup.

They tried to limit our online order to 5 cases and in the cart. However, at check out, we were able to bump the order back up higher. Not sure if that’s a bug or a workaround.