What else can we drink, now that Soylent is intolerable?

We can no longer stand the new “optimized” Soylent. The company has destroyed a great product and lost an insanely faithful customer.

So now, we need to find an alternative. The last time we explored any competitors was in the early days, like around 2015 or so, and nothing could hold a candle to Soylent’s neutrality or cost. What is the landscape like today? More than anything I want a non-flavored, neutral, utterly smooth/homogenous pre-mixed drink. I want the water of food, that Soylent once was.



So I wrote to Soylent to let them know exactly how we felt and how much business they were losing (in dollar terms) from us switching to a competitor. Not surprisingly I got a canned email response that I’m sure they send to everyone who has any complaint at all about the product.

Thank you for getting in touch, we appreciate your feedback. We understand that you are concerned about the change in our formula. Our product development team continues to test out varying formulas and methods and will take all recommendations so I have made sure to pass along your comments to our team for consideration.

We are always working to provide excellent products and constantly working to improve all aspects of the customer experience. Thank you for your thoughts.

We appreciate that our users participate in the creative process and we hope you will continue to view our formulas critically. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns.

Meaningless. Ah well, at least we can leave knowing we made our views known. RIP Soylent.


Well, this is something like the fifth time I’ve said it here, but: I’ve switched to Jimmy Joy since the Allulose Armageddon, and I’ve been very happy. The Plenny Drinks are thicker than Soylent, tasty, and not too sweet. The Plenny Bars are bland tasting but very filling. Both are cheaper than Soylent RTD. I haven’t tried the Plenny Shake (the non-RTD product) yet, but a scoop+shaker cup is on the way in a couple weeks and I’ll try them then.


Soylent (the company) has sold out. Here are a couple of resources to look for replacements. Thankfully there are many competitors.

Post an update once you’ve tried the Plenny shake. I’m also an originaly Soylent backer, disappointed in Soylent optimized, and have great respect for your’s and vanclute’s opinions.