What else do you eat?


for those of you not on 100% Soylent, what do you eat for your non-soylent meals? have you seen any change in your non-soylent eating habits since starting? any recommendations for foods that complement the soylent diet well?


I usually eat some “real” food around lunch. Usually some small snack and maybe a can of pop. I pretty much stopped eating all the foods I was living on before soylent (DIY for 8+ months). When I started, I assumed it would make life easier for me if I kept snacks like I would have eaten before. It seems to work. I have little desire to eat anything else.


My non-Soylent/soylent food is pretty much what I was eating before. That is to say, whatever sounds good and is obtainable. I might be eating less though. It’s still fairly early (one month, two meals of (S/s)oylent a day, M-F only). Dinner is sometimes fairly healthy (spinach salad with diced red peppers, tomatoes and chicken, with dressing) or fairly unhealthy (same chicken, but over nachos, no vegetables).

My candy intake has tapered noticeably though. There’s a candy bowl outside one a co-worker’s desk and I was hitting it a few times a day, multiple days a week. Now I’ll hit it just a few times a week.


I’m 95-99% Soylent, but the times I do eat other food in usually much pickier. The effect is dramatic enough that my fiance has lamented the loss of her “little goat”. I use to eat just any anything, but now I tend to think deeply about my choices and often modify them significantly to meet my desires. The most significant change is an aversion to breads and candies. Candies usually sound gross to me, these days.


Hot wings. Holy crap do I crave hot wings at least once a week. And it’s not the protein or anything like that. I’m a southwest dweller. Spicy was a big part of my flavor palette before I went on Soylent. It’s a hard thing to miss.

That said I keep to a system. Since there’s 28 packs in a month supply I just make a point to eat 3 non Soylent meals a week and it more or less works out. So I go one Saturday morning breakfast, one lunch at the office (which is take out of one kind or another) and one dinner which is whatever I’m feeling.


Most of my non-Soylent meals are either small snacks, Chipotle, or a local place that’s similar to Chipotle.

Definitely healthier for my non-Soylent meals (notably Subway cut out). My biggest changed craving is I’m a lot less inclined to eat ice cream or shakes of any sort. Pizza too seems to not be as huge a factor for me now.


No change whatsoever, except that I don’t eat anywhere near as much candy/sweets as I used to. Not that I don’t still enjoy them, I just can take or leave them now whereas before they had an overpowering draw.

Most often these days I’m finding I like to snack on cashews & peanuts throughout the day.


I eat soylent for breakfast and about about ½ my lunches. Dinners I eat with my family. Lunches with coworkers. Nothing special in either case; lunches are usually unhealthy food ordered from restaurants (today is a jerk chicken calzone), dinners are usually fairly healthy (tonight will probably be noodles and vegetarian marinara sauce with a salad).


I eat more junk & hi-cal foods now. My weight remains steady. Perfect!


I’m on my 5th day on soylent and so far my other meals have almost all been chips and rice and beans


Soylent for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is wide open and just the regular old American omnivore menu. Couple glasses of wine. I’ll snack throughout the day. A handful of cashews. A handful of macadamias. Goodbye to the left over Halloween candy! Worst of all is probably the chip scene. If there are Pringles in the house, too bad for you. Doritos? Gone. Fritos, the same. I think salty stuff is more of a problem for me than sweets. That notice that perhaps one would need to supplement the Soylent with a dash of salt if one were physically active was all the excuse I needed. Does opening a bag of chips count as physical activity? In my world it does.


I used to be on a strict vegan diet before to maintain my weight loss, but I’m eating fast food and meat a few times a week now without any weight gain so far. It depends on what I’m craving: donuts, burgers, or fried chicken, for example.

Currently, it’s Taco Bell. I used to have their food quite often, but the flavors and textures are more noticeable now, especially after a long stretch of Soylenting.


I know what you mean when it comes to sweets; I thought I was craving something sweet the other day and had a scoop of ice cream and it was overwhelming. Soylent has this low baseline sweetness that I’ve acclimated to and anything sweeter can be shocking.

I mean. I still ate the ice cream.

This basically describes me exactly. I do breakfast and lunch Soylent most days and then will usually make up the difference with some combination of wine, salty snacks, and whiskey, or possibly a normal-sized dinner, depending on the day. The sodium deficiency bothered me at first because I was so accustomed to going to great lengths to eat foods that are devoid of salt, but now I’ve rediscovered my love for feta, pickles, and salted pistachios.

Whoever said Soylent sucks the joy out of life has never tried to live on a nutritious, low sodium, calorie-restricted diet.

EDIT: Like seriously I will just eat a spoonful of feta.


Pretty much anything I want…But what I want has changed…Currently doing a mix of Soylent and Diy for 2 meals a day…Got my subscription of Soylent going and will be on all Soylent and no diy within a month…

I’m finding that my hunger comes on pretty suddenly and if I’m not careful I’ll eat half a box of cookies or something that’s else that’s around…v1.1 doesn’t quite take away my hunger like Axe’s People Chow Premium that he used to make.

Hunger is my main issue these days


I have about 1 meal out on weekends, whatever I choose, and I still have an addiction to potato chips… I can polish off a large bag in an evening… which is about 500-600 calories… so I kinda need to get over that… but I’m still feeling way better than pre-soylent.


I’m in calorie counting mode right now. But I discovered that I needed solid snacks to keep things flowing. I try for something high protein. I like kippered herring and have a can of that most days. Or a small pack of nuts (it’s neat that I no longer have to watch the sodium). A protein pack from Starbucks (the one with the egg and fruit and stuff). Nothing that can be called a meal. I find I enjoy my little snacks but have a hard time finishing because I’m not hungry.

I lost about 8 pounds in the two days because my calories were only coming up to 1500 so am keeping tabs. I don’t want to do fast weight loss, just steady weight loss.