What exactly is Soylent 1.6 "supposed" to taste like?

I would like to hear (preferably from the Rosa Labs team) exactly what is the “intended user experience” for Soylent 1.6 when it comes to taste.

A little on my background: I recently ordered, and am almost done drinking through a package of 2.0, which I have used as a lunch-on-the-go and occasional dinner replacement. I like the flavor, I like the convenience, consider me a satisfied customer when it comes to 2.0. :slight_smile:

Since I am going to a conference soon, I thought it might be nice to try the 1.6 powder, as this is significantly more portable than the 2.0 liquid. So I ordered a batch, and just consumed my first 500 kcal serving last night (after mixing and chilling all day as per instructions). My impression was… mixed :neutral_face:

While the consistency is fine, in my opinion the taste is significantly less palatable than 2.0. I get the “Cheerios milk” flavor from 2.0 just fine, but 1.6 strikes me as somewhere between raw oats and hay, thinly masked by artificial sweeteners. I can chug it down, but I don’t find myself grabbing the bottle to take another sip like I do with 2.0.

If you take a look at the subreddit, 1.6 experiences are all over the map. Some people share my experience of it tasting like a “barnyard.” Others actually say that it’s too sweet. Some suggest dumping in a bunch of sweeteners, which for me kinda defeats the purpose of an all-in-one nutritional staple (but I’m not necessarily against doing this).

So, Rosa people… Is this supposed to be Soylent 2.0 as a powder? Are we seeing batch-to-batch consistency problems, or (as some have suggested) are individual’s palettes really different enough to account for these different experiences? What do people around the office think 1.6 tastes like?

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Can you tell me what any food you have ever tasted is supposed to taste like? It is not supposed to fool people into thinking it is 2.0. I think the main intention is to get as close as possible to 2.0 nutritionally and taste as good as possible.

I am not seeing batch-to-batch consistency problems.

I suggest dumping in stevia, myself, but I think 1.6 tastes fine without. People liked dumping in stevia with 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 also.


Can you tell me what any food you have ever tasted is supposed to taste like?

Sure, I get it, there’s a philosophical problem here… What does “red” look like? Qualia of taste sensation, etc…

I guess all that I’m looking for is a metaphor to other foods, or to Soylent 2.0. Is 1.6 supposed to taste similar to 2.0 as designed? Is that your experience? Because it’s not mine, not even the same ballpark.

1.6 is not supposed to be identical to 2.0, it’s meant as a neutral customizable base. The powder version is more flexible than liquid since it’s easier to add your own stuff when you prepare it.

I can truly say that I found the powder to be disgusting compared to the pre-mixed 2.0, and this is coming from a kickstarter backer that has had versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.5. I always kind of had to force myself to drink them, the only palatable way I could consume it was to mix it in a blender with cocoa powder. I actually enjoy drinking v2.0 and other people have tried and liked it. I went back to 1.5 once after drinking 2.0 for a while and I was like “Wow, this is nowhere near the same quality.”

Yeah looks like this is what I’m going to have to do, or add Stevia, or cinnamon, or something like that.

I guess we still have a ways to wait for the “just add water and it’s 2.0” version of the dry powder… 1.7 maybe?

I think the company has already said that it can’t do “just add water and it’s 2.0.”


Nutritionally it’s similar to 2.0. It will never align flavor wise because of how different the production methods are. We trialled hundreds of batches. The flavor that was added to make it align more with the 2.0 experience was a slight graham flavor.


That sucks that you don’t like it. I personally was frustrated with 1.5, the taste was all over the place between batches so even if you liked 1.5 or simply found it tolerable - a different batch could be disgusting.

Now 1.6 - so far different batches have been more consistent for me. However, compared to 1.5 I find the new flavor and texture preferable.

I find 2.0 is too thin, and I am not as satiated. 1.6 however is very filling and I feel full longer. When able I mix 2.0 with psyllium husk as a thickener - throw in a banana and PB2 and now it’s a treat - like a milkshake!

Thanks for the response!

Can you suggest an additive to get “more of that”?

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Yeah this might be what I’ll try to do… thanks!

I suspect they are! You know how different people like different tastes? Well… there you go.

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I think what you meant to ask is: for the people who like the flavor of 1.6, what does it taste like to us?

I think it tastes somewhere between almond milk and pancake batter.

Well, not exactly… Philosophical issues of sense qualia aside, this is a product that has been designed by Rosa Labs. Just like when McDonalds develops a new breakfast item for their menu or Taco Bell produces some new abomination of “Mexican” food, the taste of the food is part of the design process; they don’t just throw a bunch of stuff in and go “well guess it tastes like what it tastes like, who’s to say?”

My question, which was kind of answered, was to the effect of what is the “intended experience” on the part of Rosa Labs from this product. Is it just supposed to taste like “nothing,” and you add the flavor, as some people here seem to think? Or is it supposed to be mildly sweet, as was implied by @Conor above? It seems like the latter is the case.

I think it tastes somewhere between almond milk and pancake batter.

To be honest, I’m getting that now more as I try slightly different preparation conditions. Perhaps (I’m hoping) my “out of the box” experience was a fluke and subsequent batches will be better. We’ll see!

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What about the 23 flavor Dr. Pepper. What would be the flavor trajectory of this dish.

That was because we had 3 different factories. We adjusted our operations so that we can produce enough with just one factory. This means the ingredient sourcing stays stable. The reason batches tasted different was because ingredients (even being the same) actually taste different depending on where they come from.


I bet you there are internal Dr. Pepper documents describing every one of those 23 flavor components, how they were chosen and what amount is “optimal”. It might have originated serendipitously, but I guarantee you the product is designed to have a certain flavor profile for most people.

It has 23 flavors in it. Cannot stress that enough. It’s a beverage.

I too had a problem with the taste as after a while 1.5 was addicting! I liken it to a mix between 1/5 and 2.0. It has a bit of grit while being very milky Flavor? to me it has a nutty taste like, walnut milk. lol I have added PB2 and cinnamon and its much better and NO GAS! yay Only thing is, like 2.0, it does NOT give me a fullfilled sense.

Actually, I think that’s exactly what they do - they were never aiming for a taste. From the very beginning, they were trying to create a neutral taste, as neutral as possible. All they want is something that makes people say ‘not bad, I can drink this.’