What happened to my ORDER


I placed an order in July 2013 for a 2 week supply but never received my order! Please help


Do you read the blog?

Also, you didn’t place the order, you supported the kickstarter.


Actually, it is possible he used the “pre-order” option that popped up after the campaign, which could reasonably cause some confusion.

In any case, @David_Spigolon, it sounds like you might have misinterpreted the firmness of the ship date. It is true that it was initially “expected August 2013”, but those expectations proved premature, and the date was extended. Currently the Soylent team has stated that they “project to have every Soylent preorder made before before September 30 shipped out by the end of the year.” – and while it is possible that more delays could occur, they appear pretty optimistic about the new timetable.

These sort of delays are (unfortunately) common with start-up projects, especially ones of this scale. They’ve literally just started out, and they have a huge amount more product to ship than they initially planned (remember, they’ve now beaten their initial funding goal by more than a factor of 10). The good news is that this virtually guarantees against one of the biggest other problems many start-ups run into (not enough initial funds) - so even if it takes a while, Soylent definitely has a large and stable start.

My suggestion would be to keep an eye on the blog, as they have been posting updates on a rough weekly basis, and look forward to the eventual “shipping is GO!” announcement. If you really, really feel that this is unacceptable, I’m sure you could request a refund by emailing info@soylent.me, but the easiest thing is probably just to wait it out :smile:


its info@soylent.me not info@soylent.com


Whoops, indeed it is. Sorry about that, edited.


Hi David,

Thanks for your support! Please note that we are projecting a shipping date of December 2013. We are releasing updates regarding our progress at our blog.


Thanks for the quick response, I am behind you guys 100%, I am not complaining at all I was just wondering about the shipping. If my initial order was for start-up cost thats fine, anything I can do to help is ok with me. If I need to place another order please let me know because it would be fine with me. Thanking you in advance for all your assistance.
David Spigolon