What happened to Pramiracetam in the ingredients?


Pramiracetam is absent from the most recently published ingredients list. Same with theanine. Why? I was looking forward to scoring 30% higher on quantified mind, which is what Rob reported with those nootropics.


Because most people won’t want to take nootropics when there’s still more to uncover about them, also order some elsewhere if you really want it.


I agree with the decision to leave them out. Nootropics should be optional.


afaik nootropics are expensive which means they shouldn’t be included just for that reason alone.


Can you also categorize this under the nootropics section?


I think most of those reasons sound plausible. But I’d like to have heard the reasoning for leaving them out, rather than it happening silently like it has. I placed my initial preorder thinking I was getting a cognitive enhancer. “Nootropics” are even mentioned in the promotional video. Now it looks like they’re being left out. That’s no good.


As I’ve understood it there’s going to be an optional version with nootropics after the initial batch is sent available at the online store that is to open.


just chiming in with what everybody else has said here:

  1. there’s not a whole lot of science for them, yet. i’m taking pram and honestly, can’t tell a difference.

  2. they’re not essential. soylent is being portrayed as what the body needs, first, everything else is just gravy on top.