What happened to this forum? My direct book mark took me to Reddit

I have had the blog page stored as a book mark. When I want to read discourse, I always go to the blog first to see if there’s any news. Then I hit the forum to come here.

But two days ago I did just that , and it took me to Reddit instead of this.
The blog page changed a little. Looks like they link directly to Reddit now than Discourse.

I perused around Reddit but I didn’t really like it. Discourse is where I want to be.

Which link are you clicking on? If it is one at the bottom of the page, then the blog page may have just changed to the same as the front page? (I hadn’t realized they were different.)

If that is the case, then these should provide you a bit more info on the difference on the front page:

I would assume the reasoning would be the same if they changed the blog page too. There should still be a link to discourse down there, it is just hidden a bit.

Look for this symbol at the bottom of the page:

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This all makes it sound like Discourse is being phased out.
Obviously the only way to get here is to click on a grey and black button that sort of looks like a D.
That is extremely hard to find (I didn’t see it, I had to google “soylent forum” to find discourse again).

If discourse is being phased out, that is a sad day in my life.

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I just type “di” in my address bar and it takes me here…I don’t visit the reddit often enough for it to be that easy.


I type “d” and it takes me here. I type “r” and it takes me to /r/soylent. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha! I just have to think happy thoughts and my browser takes me here! No typing needed. Beat that!

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“d” takes me to Dendroboard (which, to be clear is NOT what it sounds like; it’s a dart frog forum)

Unfortunately my student loans don’t quite stretch far enough for Bluetooth brain implants :cry: for now I’m stuck with primitive tactile input

Hope thats not the case - I don’t use reddit.

The main web site and blog show icons for both reddit and the Discourse:

But you can see which ones are first, and which come last.

And the “Community” link goes to reddit; judging by the number and pace of replies there, that seems to be a more active community, and RL is making the choice to encourage that group as the Soylent community over this group.

If you look at a blog post, their share/discuss widget gives you the following options:

Lastly, people have complained about this Discourse not being SSL-encrypted. I see that it now is, but that that there are some encryption problems (some content on the page comes up unencrypted.)

I have to believe that RL is pushing away from, and giving little support to, this Discourse. I’m disappointed; I’ve become a fan of Discourse, and this community is the first place where I’ve come across it. I doubt they’ll shut it down or abandon it - no any time soon, at least - but it’s clearly not going to “the place” in the future.

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We seem to be the designated forum for the DIY community:

it’s not being phased out, reddit just gets more traffic and tends to be more approachable. If I wanted to phase out discourse I would have done so already. (Thanks Nomad)


So if Discourse is not being phased out, and Reddit is where the mass discussion will be… does this mean that Discourse is for the pioneers who actually contribute to the success of Soylent, and is your way of saying "we are listening, but if you aren’t on Discourse you may never have a direct input?

Sorry @Connor, I think I’m going to get a a tear in my eye knowing that we are still special to Rosa Labs :sweat_smile:

Well we feel discourse has the more concrete fan base that give us detailed feedback. Plus its easier to pull up old posts from which makes it a favorite with our dev team. :heart: