"What Happens When You Consume Only Soylent and Dabs for a Month"


Pot + Soylent.
No judgements.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4 (final week):


Possible the worst idea I’ve heard yet related to soylent, but kind of great at the same time.


I don’t mind the idea of Soylent and pot as long as you don’t intentionally try to make it sound like it is sucking out your soul.


Soylent and pot? How fing lame is that! Stoner munchies is half the fun, that’s when you go to the kitchen and put together amazing combinations of food. Although, if your dabbing one tends to skip being creative and jump right to being couch locked, hungry, and dumb.


I wondered what dabs were, I never imagined it was weed. Stonershake in Amsterdam make their soylent with the stoner in mind. Not weed but nutrients that ehance the effects of weed.


Its weed that has been concentrated to a thick wax or brittle like consistency, the “better” dab is 70% + thc. Its manufacturered through a process that uses butane - this type of dab is called BHO. Smoking dab requires very high heat, so people will either smoke it through a vape pen like device - especially when they are away from home. Or it requires you to heat up crystal glass with a torch until its red hot to produce an inhalant (it looks like someone is smoking crack)


Alternatively, it is the (now) overused dance move where someone puts their face into the other side of their elbow.


Little do people know it started long ago when people would check their BO after raving for days.


true true …but it isn’t that the compensating move when dared to lick your elbow?
Which as far as I know is still impossible…
Unless there is some new tech that I am unaware of…?


Week 2 added:



This writer apparently wants to be the Hunter S. Thompson of Soylent. He’s not that funny.


I think he is pretty funny, but it is possible that I just have a weird sense of humor.


Week 3 added:



Or maybe you haven’t read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


I read it, but it was like 20 years ago or more when I did so I am probably hazy on the details. When I think about it now, I always think of the movie.


Seems this guys issues have more to do with dabbing than Soylent. But perhaps I’m biased.

Perhaps at the end of this he should try switching off the pot rather than the Soylent.


Mixing THC and CBD into Soylent is a better route (as with most nootropics).


His issue is that reporting everything is fine and normal won’t get enough views on his blog so he is overacting to get attention.


True… Although I’d guess in his state any normal day to day function probably becomes and overwhelming experience for the senses…


4th and final week just posted: