What I like about the soylent concept


I am 44 years old and borderline diabetic, little overweight like 25 pounds fat. As we age it gets tougher to lose the fat, and the fat really plays havoc on health. I have been working out and gaining muscle. I haven’t lost much fat and I blame my diet choices. The truth is that food is very complicated especially if your trying to count calories and make sure you have enough variety for proper nutrition. Also the fact is that when you eat food you have no idea whats in it that may harm you. I bought soylent for this reason. I believe like a scientist uses a control to measure in experimentation I can use soylent the same. soylent is my control and is exactly 2000 calories per bag. That is golden right there, knowing the exact amount of calories without thinking about it. I plan on starting at 2000, if I maintain my weight I will drop it 500. When I reach my goal I will up it to maintain. That will finally tell me what my body needs exactly.
I also like the fact that there is exactly the amount of nutrients that I need and nothing more or less. This allows me to use it as a base and if I choose to add protein to for weight training I can. I also have green vibrance pro-biotic I can add or just take with it. So it is a base I can use as a spring board to accomplish these goals.
I am very busy at times and this will allow me to take it on the run and I don’t have to worry about figuring out lunch or dinner. Very convenient source of energy on the fly. When I eat food it is always a crap shoot at whether I received all the vitamins and nutrients I need and with soylent I am confident it is closer than I ever could figure out on my own.
As Forrest Gump said “that’s one less thing” having control over caloric intake, nutrient intake, and easy as it is, I am confident this will go far as long as they stay on the righteous path and keep improving all aspects of the product cost,quality, and availability.


Well stated and good luck with your healthy lifestyle plan. Diet/exercise/water/sleep - all are important to good health.

Don’t forget to check with your doctor regularly - take the nutrition facts with you:

I am 65YO and have been on Soylent since October 2015. I had been exercising daily for 25 years, eating a healthy, vegetarian diet, but for the life of me could not lose the 20 or so pounds my doctor advised me to lose until I went on Soylent. I am now down to my target weight and enjoying the extra time in my daily schedule away from the shopping/cooking/meal prep/cleaning…

Convenience, cost, complete (plug-and-play) nutrition are what I like about Soylent! I’m HOOKED!


I went to my cardiologist today and he said my health looked good. He mentioned that my cholesterol was low, as a good thing, of course. I didn’t tell him about Soylent. I just didn’t want to deal with skepticism or questions.


In took the nutrition info sheet to my doctor. She looked it over, said it looked complete, asked if I was using the oil blend (ver 1.2 or 1.3) and advised me to use about 1500 calories, not the full 2K.

With her “blessing” I have been a happy camper ever since!


I am also a fan of the convenience, cost and nutrition. I do have to ask, you started in October of 2014 (not 2015) right? (Otherwise I would like to know how you time traveled!)

Did you happen to do body measurements to see if your weight loss resulted in lower body fat %? I lost some weight early on when I started in Aug 2014, but I have gained it back recently and I think it is due to muscle weight because I started Cross-Fit about 3 weeks ago.


Sorry, but I don’t have time-travel abilities, yet!

I did not do % body fat measurements, but did calculate my BMI from an online table. It went from 26.5 to 24.3.

I too, have gained back a few pounds but probably due to the addition of creatine as a supplement about 6 weeks ago.


I must say I am a huge fan of the Soylent concept. When I first heard of it I thought it was crazy talk but once I read about it something just clicked with me. I’ve been on DIY ever since. I can hit virtually any calorie count or macronutrient ratio I want and I don’t have to worry if I’m getting to much of the bad things or to little of the good things.