What, if anything, should Soylent taste like?


Soylent aims to his all three buttons of fast/easy, healthy and cheap. Pretend for a minute that all those are a given and that you can make the taste be whatever you like. What would you want it to taste like?

I now have both 1.3 and 1.4 and I switch back and forth. Speaking only with respect to tastes, I’m not a fan of 1.4 and I am a fan of 1.3

But that said, I kinda think 1.4 might be closer to the ideal taste. I like the taste of 1.3 but that’s the thing, I LIKE it and sometimes I reach for it because I like the taste.

When I drink 1.4 and get a taste of it (and especially an aftertaste) I don’t like it but sometimes when I first start taking a drink of 1.4, and I’m not using my nose too much it tastes like…nothing. And it seems to me that that should be the goal. Versions before 1.4 never tasted like nothing to me but 1.4 for a brief second here or there does. So maybe if they could get rid of the rest of the tastes, which I don’t like, they’d have no taste and that would be great.

Except maybe some people REQUIRE taste. And that gets to the philosophical question of whether Soylent should try to please us with its taste or instead just taste like nothing and let us change the taste if we wish.


Continuing the discussion from Log what's wanted in v1.5 here please:

So, to answer the philosophical question of whether Soylent should try to please us with its taste or instead just taste like nothing and let us change the taste if we wish, I agree with RL’s philosophy of having it “taste like nothing.”


I agree that if it truly tasted like nothing and was up to us to flavor it to our preferences, it would be an ideal product.

That being said, I can’t imagine how 1.4 could taste like nothing to anyone… it was so overpoweringly strong of something I couldn’t identify (working theory is sunflower oil) that I just didn’t want to consume it again. Although strangely, it was nowhere near as pronounced until it had sat overnight. It tasted strange initially, but not undrinkably so. But 12 or so hours later… ick.

1.3 on the other hand also tastes like something… though I couldn’t compare it to anything I know. It just tastes like Soylent, and as long as I sweeten it slightly, I very much like it.


I hope it is made consumable without adding anything to it at all, in addition to their aim that it wont get tiring even after a while.


I think it’s less a matter of what it should taste like in itself than that it be a good base for flavoring agents. Now, I’m no food scientist (if I were I’d be cooking my meals), but if Soylent is committed to a single product, then I think that will only be mass marketable if they or a third party produces flavour packets ideally formulated for the Soylent product.



I did not mean to say they should not include flavor packs nor did i meant to say that it should not be consumable with flavoring or that people shouldnt do it. In one of my earlier comments i too said that flavor packs should be included in future versions. Its just that i hope it should be consumable without the need to flavour and be consumable with flavorings. Both.


But it already is, since there are numerous people who very much enjoy 1.4 both with and without flavorings.


Really? I guess i missed it.


Oh yes. I have a feeling that a Soylent flavour that takes flavours gracefully will also be pretty nice for people who like it plain. Like me actually. I find flavours are nice in moderation but then I like to cleanse the palate for a day or two.



The way I see it. Taste buds are overrated. Misleading even. Meals ought to be optional, not conditional. But never permanent. I think taste buds (and other bulky senses) should be opt-in. Like organ donor default options. Denmark sees wild success in this strategy. Many other Nordic populations do. Too much havok is caused when people feel imposed upon.

EDIT: I meant Denmark has success in opt-out organ donation but because the US is opt-in I thought of Denmark’s policy as opting into not donating.


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