What if I only consume 3 meals of Soylent per day?

I’m finding the Soylent meals to be really filling. It’s hard to consume 4 meals, especially because I was used to 1 meal per day. I’m not that active so I think I can get away with 1500 calories per day, but at the same time, I’m worried that if I do this I’ll only be getting 75% of all my nutrients. Is that the case, or if my needs are only 1500 calories per day then are my nutrient needs going to drop as well so I’ll be fine with the 3 meals? Thanks for the help.

Everything I’ve read suggests that micronutrient needs don’t scale with macronutrient needs. You could try splitting it up into thirds instead of fourths or take half a multivitamin till you get used to Soylent and can handle more.

Aside from it being surprisingly filling what do you think of it so far?

One of the biggest problems that I see with Soylent is what I call its “reference man nutrition”. If you’re one of the relatively few people who require 2000 calories per day, Soylent is wonderful. If you consume only 1500 calories of 1.5 per day, you are only receiving 75% of the Daily Value of vitamins and minerals.

In another thread, a weightlifter stated that he is consuming 2 bags of 1.5 per day. If I were him, I would be concerned about my daily dosage of 11,000 IU Vitamin A, 44.96 mg of B3, 3767.96 mg of choline, 2625.38 mg calcium, 505.8 mg magnesium (supplement only), 27.78 [!] mg manganese, 2.9928 g sodium, and 3.87482 g chloride, all of which exceed the Institute of Medicine’s Tolerable Upper Limits. One size does not fit all.


Yeah horsfield, I’m really finding it difficult to drop down to 1500 calories if my nutrient needs aren’t going to be met. That defeats a large part of the purpose of me consuming Soylent. I hope they come out with 1500 and 2500 calorie diet Soylents.

Other than that, good and bad. It’s consumable from a flavor perspective. There isn’t much flavor at all (mainly tastes like oats) but the aftertaste is very strong (which is mainly brown rice I think but probably some oats, too). I call it a grainy or wheaty taste. Long-term, I think it can really solve my diet issues. I’ve experienced no health problems so far and no bad gas like some people have, but then again, I just started.

Honestly, my biggest issue is with the bottle and pouch. It’s not actually that easy to pour the pouch into the bottle. I’m sure I’ll get better, but I tend to spill a little. The bottle is also too tall for a normally shelved fridge, so I had to move up my bottom shelf leaving the other 2 shelves with almost no space. They could solve this by shortening the bottle and making it fatter so that it’s easier to get the pouch in the bottle without spilling, easier to fit in the fridge, and easier to wash. The bottom of the handle isn’t closed, either, so I know the open space will cause the grip to break in no time, which is a shame. One little plastic piece on the bottom would add so much life to the bottle (and by bottle I mean pitcher). Some people said their pitcher didn’t have the “Soylent” tag, but I noticed that’s because they put the stick in separately. I almost threw it out on accident, so for people who don’t have the sticker, I’m sure they threw it out on accident.

My personality concentrates mainly on the negative to improve those things, but overall, I’m rather happy with the investment. My chef friend is begging me not to flavor it because that will be bad for me, but I’m going to at least try it. I bought some maple and almond extract and plan on mixing the two. I’ll let you guys know how it tastes when I do that, but I wanted to try the original flavor before flavoring it myself. Maple made the most sense to me.

The craziest thing about Soylent is how I feel it doesn’t fill me up at first. It satisfies me, but that’s it. Then as time goes by it must expand and 2 hours later I feel really full. Notably, I consume each meal over the course of about 2 hours typically as I sip it. I have a thermos for it to keep it cold, and it’s quite convenient. This is the Thermos I’m using, which has the downfall of not allowing you to put hot stuff in it, but it has the benefit of keeping cold stuff cold for 12 hours: http://www.beveragefactory.com/water/accessories/waterbottles/Thermos_2465P_Hydration_Bottle.shtml

I absolutely love the Thermos, I found it for $15 at Shopko, and it’s awesome. The latch helps to keep it closed tightly, the hole is big enough to allow liquids through easily, and the size is nice because it fits in most cup holders. If you want something that you can use for hot and cold items, there are other Thermos options to choose from but they’ll either be more expensive or the cold lifespan will be reduced. These sites are saying hand-wash only but I thought the directions said it is top rack dishwasher safe. I could have it confused with another one, but I always wash it by hand anyways.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. If you want to know my opinion on something I didn’t mention, just ask.

That’s one of the problems with the “one size fits most” approach Soylent has taken to nutrition. It’s not so bad if you need more than 2000 calories. You can always add “nearly empty calories”. If you need less you still need at least some vitamin supplements.

Below is a calorie guesstimator that should give you an educated guess as to how many calories you need.


Yeah, but that calculator doesn’t take enough variables into account. I’m 5’6" and 220 lbs and I don’t take in close to 2500 calories. I take in maybe 1500-2000, but I do it in such a bad way that my metabolism has slowed way down.

Yea that calculator or any calorie calculator for that matter are only good for getting a general idea of where to start. On the bright side if/when you get up to a full bag of Soylent a day you will be getting exactly the right amount of protein. Hopefully your metabolism will pick up now that you are getting 3-4 meals a day.

Yeah, but the problem is if I’m not active enough for 2000 calories/day and only need 1500 calories/day that’s quite the problem.

This isn’t optimal, or maybe it secretly is, but have you considered downing a bag a day while doing an exercise regimen?

The pitcher provided by Soylent is designed to fit in a refrigerator door; not in your fridge?

If you want a squatter pitcher with a wide mouth it’s easy to put the pouch mouth into, there are options, including the two-liter Frigoverre. Several others as well that people have posted about, including a Hydro Flask insulated bottle that, as well as coming in more ordinary Thermos sizes, comes big enough for a full day of Soylent.

Yeah, I went out and bought a pitcher along with a Thermos.

Another issue about the pitcher being tall that I forgot to mention was that it doesn’t fit will in the sink. It’s so tall that it hits the bottom of the sink and I have to angle the pitcher to get it under the spout. That can lead to more spillage.

EDIT: And that’s without a purifier on. If I throw on a purifier the pitcher would be unfillable.

I will second the Frigoverre pitcher. It works well, and I currently use two. (one for water, one for Soylent)

Use another vessel (a cup, a glass) to pour water into the pitcher.

I use either a glass (which never has to be washed, because it is just transporting water from the faucet to the pitcher) or the Soylent bag (because I am cheap and want to use every last Soylent powder particle).