What if Silicon Island is not an Utopia?


I’m very exited about the idea of an independent island for developers. It resembles my last years dream of Government-as-a-Service. Since we are in the food industry, lets take a closer look at the food supply system.

We have years of experience from sailors, campers, and astronauts. Although one occupation differs from another, we see the same variation in the food supply system. Sodium rich foods from sailors, dehydrated (to be light weight) from campers, and tubes from astronauts does not need to be a requirement for Silicon Island.

So if we wanted to design a food system for mental workers, lets start by making a criteria list for a 3 month term:

  • Healthy for your body
  • Efficient for mental work
  • Diverse enough for all tastes

What else?

  • No need for cooking and cleaning
  • The cost of the food should equal to or less than regular food

If we ignore the possibility of a daily delivery of food by drones (which could be a destructive system) and do not want to eat daily servings of ramen, what other system could there be?

One may quickly say Soylent and close the case. My initial thought was the same, but wouldn’t you get tired of the taste very quickly? Even Rob took breaks every weekend during his trial. My personal experience allowed me to eat 100%FOOD for breakfast and lunch while keeping dinner regular. My customers who experimented with meal replacements thought so too.

So we need to develop a variation of meals with different flavors, textures (sometimes we need to chew) and temperatures (hot foods for cold weather and icy foods for hot weather). One thing needs to be in common - it needs to fit the USDA’s recommended 2000 calorie diet. We should be able to combine different meals without any hassle with calorie counting or worry of the nutrient balancing.

Is that feasible?

The activity on DIY.Soylent.me has shown that anyone with a scale and patience can mix the ingredients. Some mixes are eatable, some not. To encourage the beginners, we can suggest them with variations of the foods we want to have (since we are so different). I invite all of you who plan to live on Silicon Island or the Space Station to discuss this theme from answering one simple question:

  • What types of the food would you like to see there?


I haven’t gotten tired of the taste at all. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t just plain crave cereal, or toast, or whatever. I went instantly overnight to about 80%+ Soylent, and have remained there without any issue. But then I’ve had a diet consisting of the exact same things, usually at the same times, for decades. So maybe I’m not a good example.

To me the idea of all these flavors/textures of Soylent is pretty unappealing and in fact gets away from why I wanted Soylent in the first place - a single ubiquitous food that I never have to think about, that will always be exactly the same, and fits into my life when I want it to. But then again that’s just me.


Just as a note, if you’re referring to the Silicon Island Crowdtilt campaign… sorry to burst your bubble, but it was an April Fool’s joke :wink:

Still though, valid topic as far as extended food replacement concerns.


“An island-wide Sonos playlist of the latest dubstep hits will be blasting in all communal areas, 24 hours a day”.



The roots of this joke refer to Piter Thiel concept of independent island for developers.
So, Crowdtilters just popularised the idea. But you’re right:

@vanclute - the instinct to diversity is built by Mother Nature to get more experience, be more adapted to the surrounding, make mutations, etc. So I think sooner or later you will need smth. new.
And your shift from a diet to Soylent is a proof.


It’s possible that @vanclute is more evolved, and this does not have this need to diversify.


No I’d have to utterly disagree with you there. My “switch” to Soylent had nothing to do with needing diversity. In fact quite the opposite, it’s a desire to finally reduce the variety of foods I need to deal with to as little as possible. I’ve wished for the “meal pill” my entire life. Even as a young child in the early 80s I remember looking forward to “the future” (which for me at that time was basically Y2K LOL) when we could vacation on the moon and not have to eat anymore, but just take a pill. I realize I’m probably in a minority on this but hey, I’m in a minority on most other aspects of my life too so that’s fine by me.

So I firmly disagree that all people are naturally driven to seek out diversity in food. I’m certainly not the only example of this either, not by any means.


If you watch kids for a while, you’ll notice a lot of them are very much against diversity. haha. I knew one kid who would only eat pop tarts and dinosaur chicken nuggets (specifically dinosaur shaped ones).

Diversity is a good habit, and once you’ve gotten the habit you’ll seek it out. But if your body things its getting what it needs without diversity, then its going to stick with what it knows and not bother taking risks on potentially less useful/delicious things.


Yep, it all comes down to risk/reward. For me, the risk of something tasting bad could never be worth any potential health reward. Ever.


I cannot believe that we will stick to one and only.
Sir Charles Darwin, pls. help me with arguments:)


Sure, we won’t as a species, but as individuals… we’re all unique. Just like everyone else.