What If You Had Other Equally Positive, Equally Easy Meal Options?

TL;DR If you had other “non-future food” options that were equally as positive as soylent, what would you tell yourself to talk yourself out of choosing those options?

The armchair social-anthropologist in me is genuinely curious about the values and choices of subcultures. soylent “enthusiasts” as a group, are a fascinating group to me. For many reasons.

Some reactions to and comments on a recent /r/soylent post got me to wondering about a bunch of stuff. Stuff like…

Let’s say you discovered 5 different vegan, non-soylent meal options that all shared the following properties…

  • irrefutably equally as nutritionally complete as your favourite soylent
  • saved you an equal amount of time (either objectively quantifiable or based on your subjective perception) as your favourite soylent
  • equally as easy to prepare (either objectively quantifiable or based on your subjective perception) as your favourite soylent
  • cost less than than your favorite soylent (by whatever measure on which you prefer to base cost-effectiveness)
  • shared all of the other warm fuzzies of your favourite soylent (and more). e.g. “feed the world”, “save the rain forest”, “PETA-approved”, etc
  • each one had completely different tastes (sweet, umami/savoury, etc), colour, texture from each other and from your favourite soylent
  • each tasted equally as good as (based on your own subjective taste) or better than (subjectively) your favourite soylent
  • gram for gram each left you feeling equally satiated (or even more so) as the exact same amount (or less) as your favourite soylent

Now let me ask you this…

  1. Do you assume that no other such options even exist?
  2. Would you still eat only soylent and choose to forego all the other irrefutably-equal options?
  3. Is 5 too overwhelming a number of options to choose from?
  4. Do you envisage yourself 5 years from now feeling as passionately about soylent as you do today?

If “yes” to either of the above then why is that so?

Please help me to better understand my soylent-guzzling brethren. All serious, honest (and especially) candid answers are welcomed.

TIA :slight_smile:

  1. I know with 100% certainty that I am unaware of such options.
  2. I would try the other options.
  3. I would feel free to chose as many options as was convenient, so 5 million wouldn’t be too many to have as potential selections.
  4. I doubt it, though Soylent will remain a viable choice that I expect to continue selecting at times.

I am loyal to Soylent because it is a good product; I would not remain loyal if there were a better product. I constantly consider alternatives. Cost is a big factor. Trust is important. Convenience is important. I might switch to something I felt was better for diabetics if I found the right food.


Sincere thanks for your answers, @geneven :slight_smile:

Twelve. Or maybe a doily.

  1. No. There are other products out already & I don’t even think soylent is the best.
  2. No, for the same reasons.
  3. No. I’ve had more to choose from with blendrunner. It’s the way the choices are presented that makes the difference.
  4. No. Drinking soylent might be too normal by then for me to be “passionate” about.
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Thanks for your answer, @Dias. But they suggest that you are probably confused about what I mean by other options.

The other options. that I am referring to, are not meal replacements/soylents. I am talking about “real food” (non-soylent) options - but you’re talking about soylents.

By irrefutably-equal options. I mean non-soylent, non-MRP store-bought foods that are equally as nutritionally complete, equally as easy, equally as cost effective, equally as quick and as convenient to prepare as any soylent powder, soylent pre-bottled drink, soylent bar, or any other “future food”.

To be clear: by other options, I mean classic, pre-2013, “real” food.

Does that difference change any of your answers in anyway?

Out of curiosity because you mention considering options better for diabetics, have you considered the likes of Ketochow, Ketofuel etc?

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Personally, I am always looking for other options. I eat Soylent for a few key reasons.

Convenience (effort): Having a nutritious food available and ready to consume without having to prep, cook, clean is awesome.

Convenience: (time): Not having to spend the time planning out meals, going to the store weekly/bi-weekly is important at this time in my family’s lives. The wife and I are both in school and work full time.

Cost: The cost of Soylent, and other products like this is a real concern for our family. Not only do I consider the cost per calorie, but I consider the savings from food spoilage.

Health & Weight: Soylent provides very robust nutrition in a single meal. Additionally, the ease of counting calories to manage weight makes this product a useful tool in tracking calories consumed.

Product Image: Soylent doesn’t seem to rely on the whole foods, non-GMO, extreme health worldview as some companies do. Rosa Foods has been extremely transparent and receives input from the community of users very openly. This helps give their users a sense of equity.


You mean something that‘s exactly like a soylent, except it’s not a soylent? I’m struggling to imagine this particular hypothetical.


Thanks for your answer, @pauldwaite. Does this help?

I honestly can’t explain myself any simpler than that.

I find that when I myself am struggling to understand something that has been written, it helps me understand what I’m struggling with, better if I reread it and reread it a few times. But slower the second and third and _N_th times, and with more intentional focus.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll get right on that.


Oh I forgot something in addition to the previous suggestions. I find that reading out loud helps too.

Thanks again, Sir :slight_smile:

Yes, I have considered Keto options, and they are too expensive for me.

I like soylent because other options only offer 1 or 2 out of 3 while Soylent offers all 3.

  1. Healthy
  2. Cheap
  3. Convenient

If there is an option out there that fulfills all 3 like soylent, I have never run across it.

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Thank you for your answer @inquirerer :slight_smile:

Is there a specific reason why you intentionally ignored the 4th question?

I think this sums up Soylent well.

Prior to Soylent, I looked around a lot for the ‘perfect’ food. The thing that came closest was the Atkins drink, but I gained weight on that.

Every real food that came close had too many drawbacks. Some things are easily crushed, others have to be kept at the right temperature or they go bad (even unopened) or melt. And pretty much every real food has to be combined with multiple other real foods to get a half-way decent nutritional profile.


Is there any particular reason you sound like a prosecuting attorney? I don’t know about @inquirerer, but I have a hard time knowing how I’ll feel about something in 5 days, much less five years.


Flattery will get you nowhere, @nanciejk :wink:

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I don’t think I am passionate about most things, really. I like soylent, but passionate?

Also, 5 years is a long time.

So…I have no idea.

But, here are some Soylent cats to liven up the thread.



Cute! Thanks.

Do any of your cats like Soylent?