What if you only drank soft drinks?

Soda only? Not a good idea.


I did that for years as a kid… I’m probably better off not watching the video now. :wink:

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At the end, they do give hope by telling the story of a lady who drank nothing but soda (2 liters/day for 16 years) and had to be hospitalized with a number of maladies at the age of only 31. She stopped drinking soda, and her body began to rebound.

So, the body can likely recover!

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I’m 26. I often drink a few cans of soda a day (otherwise I get caffeine withdrawal) yet I’ve only ever had one cavity although my teeth are pretty yellow. I’ve been underweight most of my life & was only ever overweight (5’8" at 170lbs) when I worked as a security guard & did basically nothing but sit on my butt for 2 years. My coworkers also often mistake me for being younger than I am (despite the times I’ve corrected them) so, I imagine this affects some people far more than it does others.

You’re still pretty young, but nearing the age when the body won’t necessarily tolerate the junk as well. A lot of people suddenly gain weight in their mid-to-late 20s. Or maybe you won’t. Do keep brushing though!