What is a good cheap scource of potassium, available in eu?

I have been living on my own diy soylent recipe for some time now. An my main source of potassium has been dipotassium phosphate from Myprotein. The problem is that this is insanely expensive and is about 20% of my daily cost.

Because if this i have been looking for a cheaper source of potassium. I have found the chemical supplier www.minerals-water.co.uk, and they offer several chemicals that could be my potassium source. I specially found that their potassium carbonate could be an extremely cheap alternative. The problem is that i don’t really want to blow a lot of money on several kg of potassium carbonate, without some feedback. I would especially like to know if anybody have used potassium carbonate before, and what their experience was.

I would be very happy if any of you knew a cheap and tested potassium source, that can be sent to Denmark.

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

I use Potassium Chloride in most of my recipes. It’s a salt substitute commonly called No Salt or Nu-Salt.


I have been looking at potassium chloride, but if i had to get my potassium from that, i would go above the max recommended chloride intake.

Potassium citrate. The citrate metabolizes into a precursor for bicarbonate. Bicarbonate acts as a acid buffer in your blood.

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I’ve used dipotassium phosphate, potassium gluconate and potassium bicarbonate. I live in the UK.

The phosphate is expensive, as you said, and I’m not going to buy it any longer.

The bicarbonate is very cheap and I’ve used it as my only source of potassium (apart from the small quantities incidentally found in some other soylent ingredients) for a couple of months (maybe more) and it’s all been good: it doesn’t alter the taste (as far as I could notice) and I’ve not had any problems with it. But then I read about the fact that it has a high pH (it’s alkaline, or basic) and that that may not be good for the stomach (which is a low pH, or acidic, environment). I don’t how if it matters much or at all, but for that reason I decided to use potassium gluconate instead.

Potassium gluconate used to be used as a main source of potassium in Soylent until version 1.4 or so and it’s still used in 1.5 as one source among others. It’s much more expensive than bicarbonate but cheaper than the dipotassium phosphate. The cheapest source I found is: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/POTASSIUM-GLUCONATE-1KG-MUSCLE-GROWTH-ENERGY-SYNTHESIS-OF-PROTEINS/201555090840

I still have bicarbonate and I will use a small amount in the future alongside the gluconate, as I don’t think a small quantity would be damaging. I don’t even know if it’s damaging at all and would be glad to hear if anyone knows more about this, since the bicarbonate is so cheap.

All the best.

I think i will try some potassium carbonate. It contains twice the potassium than potassium bicarbonate, but is marked as R22. I suspect that it is marked R22 because it has a slightly higher ph than potassium bicarboate. Potassium carbonate is also easily available in Denmark, as it is used in some christmas cookies. I also know some people that study chemistry related stuff at my university, so i will seek advice from them.
TLDR: I will risk my health to find out if potassium carbonate is the messiah of potassium supplements.



Day 1
I bought 25g of potassium carbonate. Since i do not have a precision weight yet, i mixed approximately 2 grams of potassium carbonate with 500ml of water. I take my soylent three times a day, so 2 grams is about the amount i would need in each shake. As expected is tasted like fucking soap water.

This was expected since potassium carbonate has a pretty high ph. The supplement i am using right now(dipotassium phosphate) also tasted kinda weird, but noway near a weird as potassium carbonate.

Tomorrow i will try putting it in some of my soylent, and see if the taste is noticeable, when mixed with all the other ingredients. I might get a potassium overdose from this, since i premix my soylent 2 weeks at a time, and die. Wish me luck.

TLDR: Potassium carbonate and water tastes like soap. I might die tomorrow.

As long as you’re willing to die in experiment, other sources of potassium you can find in the European Union: fingernails, hair trimmings…

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Day 2
Not dead yet.Tried to put a few pinches of potassium carbonate in one of my daily soylent portions. I think i could taste a hint of the bitter/soapy taste from it, but it might just be my imagination.

I will have to try it a few more times to be sure about the taste, and the effect of adding a compound with that high ph.

TLDR: Not dead. The taste of potassium carbonate might not be a problem when mixed in the soylent.


If you are not afraid of Ze Germans, you can buy Potassium Citrate from here: http://www.meinpharmaversand.de/kaliumcitrat-a7129091.html

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