What is happening with Canadian Soylent?


I’ve been reading up on some of the things Conor said in past threads but I have a hard time understanding because my brain is deprived of Soylent. What is happening with Soylent in Canada? Is it going to be a new product specifically designed for Canada? Or is Soylent trying to persuade the government? What’s happening?


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I’m mixing biolent and Hol Food together. Some Queal flavors are ok. Tudor is somewhat ok lol


It’s the dang GST and PST man… Grrrrrr.

Probably not but couldn’t resist


If you dig up the original discussions, you can eventually find the PDF’s of the actual documents from the Canadian customs and the standards to which anything called a “meal replacement” must comply. It’s been a while, but as I recall the answer to your question will probably be “yes”.

Part of compliance would be to do additional testing and documenting of micronutrient composition. IIRC there were some micros not given as a percent (potassium?), for example. So that would be lab work in a lab authorized by Canada, and a label change.

But there were some issues that can’t be fixed that way. One that wasn’t discussed much at the time was the inclusion of Sucralose. The Canadian standard included a specific list of food categories that could contain it, and “meal replacement” was not one of those categories. Reformulating all Soylent flavors to use a different sweetener could be very tedious if it can be done at all. And then there was the issue of max %kcal from fat, which Soylent exceeded. Changing the macronutrient ratio while maintaining flavor and texture? Not simple! But probably easier than getting the Canadian bureaucrats to change the regs…


I guess the Canada market has been dropped / forgotten? They had said they were working on ideas, but not one has been made public, or even hinted at. My feeling is that there was never any viable ideas. I hope someone can correct me.


@soylent_team Is there anything official for a solution? Will we possibly see something this year?


Nothing to report at this time. We’re still going through the assessment and we’ll let you know when we have something to announce. Sorry I can’t share more right now!

– John


Look at my avatar! I want to assess this assessment cause it’s been too long… I’m hungry!!
Okay thanks for status, will be patiently holding out.


Can’t you just make a Canadian Soylent Website and Canadian Soylent Label and remove the claims about meal replacement? I think that was the main issue with Canadian regulators. Perhaps a new motto for Canadian Soylent: Ready-to-drink nutrition, instead of ready-to-drink meal.


Unfortunately, no. It’s much more complicated and not only requires reworking the messaging but also reformulation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

– John


Can’t believe how pot is now legal but the government wants to make a big issue out of a product
designed to live a more healthy and efficient lifestyle. :us::fire::canada:


Clearly it will only be welcomed back in Canada with a reformulation that includes pot.

I don’t know what they could call it. Maybe Soylent Cannabis, to distinguish it from Soylent Cafe. Unless there’s a better name.


I’m guessing that it has something to do with the trade war. Canada has no reason to ban fat (in Soylent) other than that it comes from American-made plants. We should ban some product imported from Canada.


Make sure you guys figure this out within the year or so because I might move to Canada. Thanks!


Any chance we might see an official update coming soon?


I promise you when we have anything to report, you’ll know. I won’t be able to tell you if there is an update until there is one, as is the case with these types of things :confused:
– John



I guess Canada’s food regs are a little stricter, yet fast food chains are ok, makes sense.