What is happening with Canadian Soylent?

No offense John, but do you know how incredibly frustrating the situation is after years of using the product? If the company is hard at work trying to rectify the problem I understand that and it is appreciated but a person would think that actual updates on where things are would be taking place by now.
I can’t help but wonder if Canada was an “entry into market” only and now that Soylent is sold in so many places in the United States it doesn’t matter to the company if it’s sold in Canada or not. I hope this is
way off base and that a solution is actually coming.

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I truly wish I had more that I could share with you and the community but at this time, all we can say is that we are working on it. I know this is frustrating, but we are just unable to comment further on the specific inner workings of this project. I hope you will understand that we hear you and we want to be back in Canada as soon as we can.
– John


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I’m assuming still no joy? I’m running really low on my stock pile. Went to log in on the website and it no longer says ‘notice to Canadian users’, but I’m assuming if I follow through on a purchase it won’t work? Also, if I order from Canada with a Canadian credit card, and ship to a US address —will that work? Or will the site explode if I try?

I’m pretty sure you should be able to do this.

I had to create a new account and use a different email address but I was able to use a canadian cc and order it to a shipping depot in the U.S.


How expensive is the secondary shipping from the US depot into Canada? Any type of import fees?

I live on the border so I just drive over and pick it up, depot charges $5 per package. Not sure how much reshippers charge.

It’s not cheap due to the volume and weight of the product. As for the fees, other meal replacement companies are charged an import fee, but it depends whether your product gets stopped in customs or not (~15% do).

I would love to give you numbers, but I don’t really know. I think it will be around 50% (on top) of the order at least.

Hi John,
I thought I had seen somewhere that Walmart USA sells Soylent. If that’s correct do you think there could be a possibility of Walmart in Canada also selling Soylent when available again?

It is true that Walmart carries Soylent in the US. While there are no specific plans in place, this could be a possibility in Canada as well upon availability.


It can’t be that high above CIFA standards, they should just make the changes and sell that product to everyone.

Well, I’ve received one too many ads for a product I want but can’t have, and unsubscribed today. Someone from Soylent is encouraged to contact me for sales if it ever returns to Canada.

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No one hold your breath, it’s highly likely that we’ll never see Soylent return here.

Supposedly Huel has been made in Canada all along, distributed worldwide and not allowed to be sold here either. :canada: :fire: :us:


Hi guys,
You have Soylent products all through US Walmarts, 7-11’s and Amazon US. Is there any hope at this point you can provide those of us left in the wind this side of the border? The update page on the situation that began fall of 2017 doesn’t appear active with any updates.
Thank you for any help here

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I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t live in the US. 90%'ish of my calories come from Soylent.

I’m buying as much as I can so the company has the funds to figure out the Canada issues and get you your Soylent. :slight_smile:


I don’t think ANY work is going on to make Soylent available for Canadians. Maybe there once was. They are just afraid to tell you Canadians.

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Is there any news on progress or has distribution been abandoned here?

That account hasn’t posted since Jan. 30th.