What is happening with Canadian Soylent?


The regulations here are bullshit but not seeing any solution or official update after a year… i don’t know…


My guess is they would need a completely new product for Canada and complying with all the Canadian regulations would drive the cost up too high to be profitable enough. I dont see it coming back to Canada anytime soon. I will just have to smuggle some over once in a while.


There have been really little updates from Soylent, but other companies like Huel which have run into the same problem are also not updating very regularly.The issue is probably that they don’t want to keep saying, “nothing has changed yet”.

I do not know how much effort is going behind, but it is true that they will have to change the formulation most likely. Seeing how fast some companies are coming with new recipes should not be that hard. I think the issue is that it might have to change the core of soylent (hflc) and they may not be so keen on that.

Got some more extended thoughts in the whole issue


That is a really thorough piece of research! It answers every question a Canadian might have about meal replacement purchase.


Answers every question, but it doesn’t answer the problem.:upside_down_face:

I truly hope there is a break through from either of the brands.


Ah, but that would fall into an “edible” category, and they’re not yet legal in Canuck-land. Maybe when (if) the Fall 2019 changes are put into effect we can harass Soylent to tap into the market? I’d love to buy me some Soylent+CBD, I can tell you that!


The restrictions Soylent is facing with the macro/ingredients were likely in place long before Trump and his trade tantrums.


Actually it did seem to happen around the same time.


No. I’m talking about Canada’s restrictions for meal replacements and other foods, not Soylent. These restrictions have probably been in place (with some tweaking over the years) since the current Canada Food Guidelines were released in 2007. Soylent has to fit in the regulations or no go. Trump’s trade tantrums came long after the rules were in place.


Yes. If I remember right the guidelines had been changed in some way last year causing the problem… ??? …maybe @soylent_team could possibly more help with your question…


Nothing has changed significantly while we’ve been dealing with CIFA. They pulled us from the market and we have since been working on assessing what we’d need to do to get back in.
– John


So assessing but not in a reformulating phase yet?


Some of that work happens in parallel. Will report back when we have any concrete news to share.
– John


No offense John, but do you know how incredibly frustrating the situation is after years of using the product? If the company is hard at work trying to rectify the problem I understand that and it is appreciated but a person would think that actual updates on where things are would be taking place by now.
I can’t help but wonder if Canada was an “entry into market” only and now that Soylent is sold in so many places in the United States it doesn’t matter to the company if it’s sold in Canada or not. I hope this is
way off base and that a solution is actually coming.


I truly wish I had more that I could share with you and the community but at this time, all we can say is that we are working on it. I know this is frustrating, but we are just unable to comment further on the specific inner workings of this project. I hope you will understand that we hear you and we want to be back in Canada as soon as we can.
– John


Thank you John. … (Post must be at least 20 characters)


I’m assuming still no joy? I’m running really low on my stock pile. Went to log in on the website and it no longer says ‘notice to Canadian users’, but I’m assuming if I follow through on a purchase it won’t work? Also, if I order from Canada with a Canadian credit card, and ship to a US address —will that work? Or will the site explode if I try?


I’m pretty sure you should be able to do this.


I had to create a new account and use a different email address but I was able to use a canadian cc and order it to a shipping depot in the U.S.


How expensive is the secondary shipping from the US depot into Canada? Any type of import fees?