What is happening with Canadian Soylent?


I live on the border so I just drive over and pick it up, depot charges $5 per package. Not sure how much reshippers charge.


It’s not cheap due to the volume and weight of the product. As for the fees, other meal replacement companies are charged an import fee, but it depends whether your product gets stopped in customs or not (~15% do).

I would love to give you numbers, but I don’t really know. I think it will be around 50% (on top) of the order at least.


Hi John,
I thought I had seen somewhere that Walmart USA sells Soylent. If that’s correct do you think there could be a possibility of Walmart in Canada also selling Soylent when available again?


It is true that Walmart carries Soylent in the US. While there are no specific plans in place, this could be a possibility in Canada as well upon availability.


It can’t be that high above CIFA standards, they should just make the changes and sell that product to everyone.


Anyone else worried now there will be a new wall called for and that da mooses and da beavers will paying for it? (it’s too much caffeine Sunday here) :us::canada::deer::brick::pizza::hamburger::fries::coffee:


Well, I’ve received one too many ads for a product I want but can’t have, and unsubscribed today. Someone from Soylent is encouraged to contact me for sales if it ever returns to Canada.




No one hold your breath, it’s highly likely that we’ll never see Soylent return here.

Supposedly Huel has been made in Canada all along, distributed worldwide and not allowed to be sold here either. :canada: :fire: :us: