What is in soylent version 0.6?


What is in soylent version 0.6 ?


Rob and Co have been very silent when it comes to recipes, even DIY ones. I would be very surprised if you get a response.

It seems Soylent has become a monetary venture now instead of a community one… or was it monetary to start with? Drip feed the community to get free testers of the product, spur enough interest and get the venture ball rolling?


Yeah that was my impression too. It is and always was about starting a venture with this and not build a community.


I don’t think Rob and his team are trying to guard the ingredient list. When we were discussing patents and trademarks here, I remember Rob stating that he wouldn’t really care if some other company started mixing and manufacturing their own Soylent. If they did it properly, it would get Soylent into more peoples’ mouths.

Lately, they are being very closed about what is in the mix though. This is the second direct question about it that I’ve seen. Some people want to know exactly what they are paying for if they support the campaign. I’m sure they’re busy, but the team should really answer this soon.

My guess is that the exact formula is still being tested and developed and they don’t want to put something online that will be copied and assumed forevermore when they know it’s going to change.


I noticed they also started referring to themselves as “Soylent Corporation,” not going to lie, that put me off a bit first. It’s kinda intriguing Rob started blogging about version 7 but the campaign is version 0.6… why the sudden drop of a major release number?


Ok, lets relax and take off our tin foil hats here guys and girls.

I can tell you, as a small business owner myself, the amount of time that it consumes to get a business off and running is EXTRAVAGANT. Plus, imagine the amount of questions and emails he gets on a daily basis. On top of THAT, he still have a 9-5 job to deal with doesn’t he?

The days of rob commenting on these specific questions one at a time have run it’s course. If you really want questions answered, you should ask him to do and AMA on here so that he can get all the questions out the way at once.


Anyone can do it, it just takes time to formulate your own formula. Another big thing is that my buddy and I created our own versions of a complete nutrition and our formula’s are completely different. My body is different from his body and yours. I am not divulging my creation but you can do it if you put the time and research into it.


The picture of the 0.6 version was just the best image I had at the time.

Soylent, like software, is an approach to an idea rather than a formula set in stone. There is no concrete information for me to open source as we’re still making changes. Clearly plenty of people have made their own and I highly encourage this if you promise to be careful. I heard Soylent Orange was quite good.

Once we incorporate some feedback from our manufacturer and make a few final tweaks I’ll post the formula that will be shipped out.

Don’t fear “soylent corporation”. It’s me and some friends and now some awesome supporters trying to make people healthier. It’s what I do for a living now.


Thanks for clearing up some things Rob.