What is the best keto-Soylent out there?


I can’t go back to anything other than Keto, it’s the most healthiest, most anti-fattening diet there is.


Many of the ketogenic options are attempting to really go above and beyond their non-ketogenic counterparts. I’m assuming you’re in North America, so will exclude the options that don’t ship there - my personal favourite of those that do, in terms of nutrition, are as follows:

Keto Fuel - probably takes my #1 spot. They use an optimised micronutrients mix which they’re constantly working on, and are in the process of sorting out a deal with a supplier of a keto-friendly MCT oil powder, which uses gum Arabic as the drying agent. Axcho (who runs the company) is also kind enough to have linked other keto soylent competitors to this oil powder, and the other two I’ll recommend here are, I believe, intending to use it in their recipes too. Keto Fuel is also hypoallergenic. You add oil to it to customise your caloric intake.,

Primalkind - based in Australia, and more expensive, but your only real option for a paleo, ketogenic option. They use macadamia nut meal to boost the calories up higher, I believe to 2000, though I haven’t checked in a while. They also have specific male and female blends, though you can, of course, pick whichever suits you best.

Ketochow - very similar to Keto Fuel. Both developed their micronutrient mixed together, so the doses of them all are the same (or close to it), but I prefer the forms the micronutrients are in in Keto Fuel. Ketochow comes in the widest variety of flavours, and also has an open source recipe on the DIY soylent website. Again, you add either oil or heavy cream to customise your caloric intake.

You can also get KetoOne, The Keto Meal Shake, Ketolent or Biolent Keto, but I believe the three I detailed have a slight edge on these. I also make a ketogenic soylent, which I’d rank just slightly higher than the three I detailed (of course I would, I have a bias), but we only ship within the EU currently.


Do you know how they taste?

I once bought a vegan protein powder and almost vomited, it didn’t matter that it had all types of protein and no carbs. It also had different flavors like vanilla and chocolate - it was completely irrelevant to the wanting to throw up upon tasting it.


Unfortunately not. As a speculative guess, Ketochow will likely be better than Keto Fuel for taste, as Ketochow uses whey protein and Keto Fuel uses rice protein, and there’s more variety in the flavours. However, I’ve heard good things about the taste of both. Primalkind I’m less sure on - I’d say it’d likely have a nutty, maybe subtley sweet taste, so if that sounds appealing you might like it.

But no, I haven’t tried any of them


I’m using “Superbodyfuel” Keto Fuel (thanks axcho) for about 1/3 to 1/2 of my meals. It’s pretty good. I also add my own spices sometimes. I’m hoping the dry-MCT form will be coming soon; I’ve been advised to stop using coconut oil as an MCT so I’m just using canola instead. Apparently there’s still enough saturated fat in coconut oil to make it dangerous in the amounts I’d be eating regularly - for me. (not everybody processes all nutrients exactly the same, and the way they are handled by a specific person can change over time.)


Have you considered purchasing MCT oil instead of coconut oil?


Since part of the point for me is to reduce costs, nope. Axcho and his minions are able to put together their powdered elixir for about 1-2 bucks per day cheaper than I can.


I actually ended up buying MCT powder at GNC for about the same as Costco was selling a similar per-day supply of coconut oil – that being partly because the benefits of coconut oil have been more aggressively debated, and because the price of coconut oil was unusually high.

But since then at Superbodyfuel they’ve added the MCTs to the mix so we don’t have to.


I’m nearing the end of my first bag of Cookies & Cream KetoChow. So delicious, nearly perfect!