What is the cost of DIY Soylent in Australia?


What is the cost of DIY Soylent in Australia?

I’m wondering if it’s really cheap to DIY Soylent since there are many things hard to buy in Australia. So anyone in Australia could share your ideas about the daily cost?


Hi there.

I’ve just managed to piece together my first recipe, and placed an order yesterday. Link here.
It comes to just a smidgen under $10/day which I think is not too bad considering some of the playing I did to get there, and the amount of WPI in the mix.
It would be considerably cheaper with a higher carb/fat: protein ratio as a lot of people go for.
My first order totalled ~260.00AUD. It will last me for 30 days on my 2 least lowest ingredients (Masa and Oat Flour), and much longer for others… so the real monthly cost will be a bit lower than that.
I also bought a blender and some containers, etc. to go with it because I wanted to make a big new Soylent Set for the kitchen haha

Hopefully this helps you out.

(Aaand… I just read the date on this post before submitting my reply… posting anyway. Hopefully it helps someone.)


I have not made this public yet as I am still tweaking it for taste and fiber etc


As it stands it tastes ok, IF you mix it up the night before (1.8 liters of water) and chill it overnight, blending just before you drink (I have 3x 600ml meals per day), however this assumes you are swallowing the tablets separately. I tried my first batch today with the tablets ground and blended in (mortar and pestle time!) and it is a little gnarly like that. I will try adjusting the ratio of maltodextrin to dextrose monohydrate as I think that should mask it quite nicely if I can work out the right levels. I initially had a 1:1 caloric mix between the two and it was way too sweet for my tastes, so I backed off the dextrose monohydrate a bit, to where it is now (175:80). With the pills added it needs more sweetness so I will work out by trial and error a level that tastes natural to me. The dextrose monohydrate is cheaper than the maltodextrin, so it will end up costing a bit less than it does now. ($7.21 a day) for me this works as I am losing weight. When I need to level off I will up the proteins and oils a bit to give me about 2100 cals or so a day, probably costing $8.00 ish


Only thing i couldn’t figure out was the Vitamin K. You have Lecithin as your K source but i could not find an amount for K for Lecithin any where only for “Oil, Soy Lecithin” which is not exactly the same. Where did you find your amounts? I mean its probably nothing to worry about your already close with the Opti pills (80 twards your target of 120) and there is a bit in the oil.


@vwbugg - thanks for spotting that. i had not noticed it myself - i believe i pulled the ingredient from another recipe (or the pulldown on the diy site), i usually check them against the USDA list, but must have missed that. i shall have to go and double check everything again now! i’ll update it and might have to add an alternate K source.


@vwbugg - once again thanks for the heads up on the vitamin K situation.

I have reworked my recipe, using what i am hoping is a better source of information on Lecithin Granules - I have copied the “Rob Red Mills Soy Lecithin” data from @QuidNYC’s Superfood recipe , which i am hoping is more accurate than what i was using. most of the manufacuturers listings don’t mention any vitamin info at all

since I needed to address some fiber issues i have changed some of carb source to oat bran, which i have used before, which also helps out with a few of the micros, and reduces the per day cost a little.

the updated recipe is at


any comments would be appreciated. i will be switching to this variant in the next few days, once a delivery arrives from bulk nutrients. i’ll keep you posted on flavour and texture, energy experience etc.


That recipe looks pretty good. I wonder what the texture will be like with the oat bran, let me know.

Your sulfur will be fine because the WPI has enough sulfur amino acids, but i dont know how to calculate them. Maybe someone else will help with that one.

What is the fenugreek for?


I used a similar quantity of oat bran in my earlier recipe, and found it was ok if you let it chill and blend it. No major taste issues, however I had a lot of cocoa in that recipe so that ended up masking most tastes. (I may end up adding cocoa to this one too as it is a great source of fiber which I know agrees with me - unlike psyillum husks which are nasty)

When I was devising this recipe I was low on a few micros, and was curious to see what other Australian based recipes were using. It just seemed to have the right quantity of a few things I was low on, so I added it and tried it out.


Seems like you could drop one or both of the fenugreek tabs now. Dropping both only cause the phosphorous and potassium to dip just shy of 100% unless i missed something. Then fix by raisng the bran a couple of grams and possibly the Potasium depending on your preference. Dont know how close to the 100% you feel comfortable with.


Good idea will check it out.

Edit: dropped 1 of the fenugreek caps as suggested, and upped the oat bran a bit. Since I just bought a bunch of the fenugreek caps I am not keen to dump them entirely, but once they run out, I could do that.



Easy to do. Find the amount for each of the sulfur amino acids (methionine is one and cysteine the other) in your protein source. Add those two amounts together and plug that total number into your recipe as Sulfur under the proteins list of nutrients. Sometimes the label will give you the amino breakdown, but I had to find mine through Google.

As an example, I have found the amount of SAA in soy protein isolate to be at 2.6g per 100g of protein. That is from 1.3g each of methionine and cysteine.

Candida-friendly soylent

Thank you very much. I have not needed to calculate it in the past because i have copied ingredients. Good to know how to do it now.


Is it a one-to-one ratio? I can’t find any info. I’m trying to determine if the “sulfur” content of SAAs is 100%



Yes. The consensus was to enter 100% of the methionine and cysteine content as SAA’s on the DIY site ingredient.


Thanks! I found the nutrition info for my protein and it more than covers the sulfur requirement.


I am glad you found it! I never used a sulfur supplement, does your soylent taste better without it?


You saved me from ever having to try it. I wasn’t looking forward to it…nor the potential after effects :slight_smile: