What is the dry weight of a day's supply of Solent?


I am interested to know how much a day’s supply of Solent weighs.
I spend a lot of my time overseas and would like to check what the costs of shipping it would be.


The weight of a daily portion is around 500 grams.


That’s only for the “official” blend. If you’re talking about a DIY version, that would depend entirely on the specific targets of the recipe. The more calories you’re trying to shuffle in, the heavier it will be. This recipe weighs in at under 300 grams a day until you add the water and oil. That’s because it deliberately avoided carb loading and was going for a lower calorie count. Adding in maltodextrin to match the ‘official’ recipe would have added another 100+ grams.

With the right ingredients, you can aim for calorifically dense food that isn’t… actually dense…