What is the easiest to digest current version of Soylent?


Powder 1.8?
Drink 2.0?
Flavored drinks Cacao/Strawberry?
Cafe versions?



I have a sense that my stomach doesn’t respond as well to Original 2.0 but I have not put it to any kind of test or anything though. Lolz just reread thread title and I guess this is kind of the opposite of what you asked, but all the other flavors (minus Cafe Moca and Vanilla which I don’t drink due to high caffeine content and I don’t really like the taste of coffee products) and powders are issue free to me. Oh, I dont think I’ve had 1.8 (but I’ve had almost every earlier version plus Cacao powder).


OP, let me ask you this. Hi well do you digest a bowl of spinach salad? Only then can I respond to this question.


I eat spinach all the time, I find it VERY easy to digest. Kale on the other hand…


I find the bottled versions of Soylent to be the more digestible when compared with the powder. Not sure why this would be the case, but that is my experience.


It’s amazing how each body really is different. I can’t digest spinach with a damn, but kale - no problem. Personally, I haven’t found one to be more digestible than the other. Powder or liquid process the same through my system.